Product Update | assetDNA · riskDNA · Unified Suite Cloud Platform

Relegen has today published the release notes for a number of software updates made to the assetDNA, riskDNA and Unified Suite cloud application.

This document includes a consolidated summary of all updates published from 30 November, 2018 through to 24 July, 2019.

Together they deliver over 80 fixes, updates, performance enhancements as well as new functionality to extend the platform’s capabilities and in response to customer feedback.

This includes:

  • New RTLS tracking capabilities which includes the ability to automatically capture GPS Location (longitude and latitude) and GPS Location Text (street address) of the current location using the mobile devices GPS function.
  • New ability display or hide location pins which show the location history of an asset on Google Maps
  • New on-scan pop-up function which enables the automatic pop-up of a PDF or document when scanning an auto-ID tag using the relegenDNA Mobile application. This is useful for displaying manuals, service history or technical documentation, safety alerts or critical control data sheets.
  • Enhanced permissions functionality, such as the option for system administrators to control which users can / can’t hide treeview nodes, and the option to control which users can add or change notes against the ‘Reason For Change’ field in the attribute history.
  • New ability to enable community attributes to be assigned to risk nodes. This enabled users to assign the same attribute value, one that that is common to multiple risks, for improved user efficiency and data quality.
  • New ability to control which Workflows can be seen in Workflow Manager by Role.
  • New ability in Workflow Manager to ‘Allow New Assets’ which enables users to create new serialised assets on-the-fly, such as during an asset discovery or physical asset audit, via a mobile device.
  • New ability to stop a user logging in, and automatically set their profile as inactive, based on last access date and time, to enhance application and data security
  • And more…

For more information on this release, including full software release notes, users can log into Relegen’s online support portal. Please email if you require assistance setting up an account.