Asset Rotation & Disposal

Ensure Safe And Compliant Asset Rotation, Reuse And Disposal

Manage any asset – ship and aircraft components, rotable parts, medical devices, IT assets, evidence, hazardous waste and more – as globally unique. Track them through the hands of multiple custodians and service agents. Standardise destruction and disposal procedures via the cloud and mobile applications. Reduce e-waste and the risk of data breaches. With enterprise asset intelligence, technology originally developed for the Australian Defence Force, you will gain item-level visibility and traceability of assets, parts and components as they move through repair, rotation, recycling and reuse – right though to end of life.

A Single Trusted Solution

A complete solution – software, Barcode / RFID / NFC tags, Android, iOS mobile apps. Developed by Relegen engineers. Used by industry leaders.

Item-Level Tracking

Assign global unique ID’s to any asset. Track through multiple custodians during repair, decontamination, reuse, disposal workflows.

Build Custom Workflows

Standardise best-practice processes. Configure custom workflows e.g. asset disposal – without code. Deploy to field staff via iOS, Android mobile apps.

Maintain Historical e-Records

Secure, data-driven audit trails of all asset-related events – usage, operating perametres, servicing, part rotations, custodianship and more – through-life.

Demonstrate Compliance

Ensure asset destruction processes are transparent and secure. Comply with internal and external regulations. Improve safety and sustainability.

Improve Data + Decision-Making

Feed systems with real-world intelligence and insight. Better data integrity for improving asset servicing, safety, security, risk, compliance.


Identify, Track And Manage Assets Through Repair And Reuse To End-Of-Life.

Leverage our deep expertise and item serialisation solutions for safe and compliant workflows from cradle, through recycle, to grave.