ERM Services

Enterprise Risk Assessment And Management Services

Relegen has the know-how, the methodology, and the proprietary technology, to help organisations apply a superior, quantifiable and repeatable approach to the identification, assessment and management of enterprise and operational risk, improving risk data quality, and move towards a robust, continuous and self-sufficient ERM / EWRM program.

Risk Identification
& Register Creation

Leverage Relegen’s best-practice enterprise risk intelligence technology and services and develop a comprehensive enterprise-wide risk register – the foundation for ERM.

Risk & Control Assessment,
Scoring & Correlation

Leading-practice tools and methodologies for rigorous risk assessment, scoring and correlation using bow-tie analysis, C2RI and semi-quantified risk analysis.

Risk Impact Assessments
& Project Prioritisation

Services to help clients score risks, establish a most-to-least-critical ranking, and produce insights on where organisational resources are most needed to manage or mitigate risk.

C2RI Risk Workshop Facilitation & Training

Let our risk experts run your next risk assessment workshop and benefit from the deep insights our enterprise risk intelligence tools provide, so you can make better decisions.

ERM Policy, Procedures & Documentation

Tap into Relegen’s expertise and services to help document policies, procedures, and develop templates necessary for your ERM program and meet compliance requirements.

Enterprise Risk Intelligence Technology Implementation & Integration

Technology application development is our core business. We can also connect information systems, customise workflows, and more, so you can improve operational risk management.