Benefits For Enterprises

Proven Technology. Automate Processes. Streamline Operations. Get IoT-Ready.

Gain real-time, real-world, item-level insights, and enterprise-wide visibility and traceability, for meeting compliance, managing chain-of-custody, improving productivity, minimising risk and maximising return on assets. To discuss these and the many other ways Relegen’s enterprise asset and risk intelligence technology platform can be put to work across your business:

Industry Proven

Developed by engineers and asset and risk specialists in partnership with industry. Used by Defence and asset-intensive leaders world-wide to solve complex challenges.


Works with your business systems – ERP, EAM, PLM, SLM, CMMS, Supply – to bridge the gap between data and assets, corporate strategy and operational reality. Learn more >

Multilingual Support

Our software and mobile apps feature extensive, flexible multilingual support for a wide-range of languages to meet the needs of today’s diverse global enterprises.

Highly Configurable

Define your own asset/risk registers, relationships, fields, forms, locations and mobile workflows to mirror your operations and meet your business objectives.

Infinitely Scaleable

Our platform is highly-scalable. There’s no limit to the number of assets, risks, field, filters, or users, offering unmatched accessibility and extendability.

Enterprise Mobility

Engage staff, drive productivity, improve data quality with relegenDNA Mobile. Build your own apps + deploy to any device. Works with assetDNA and riskDNA. Learn more >

Cloud Collaboration

Enable multi-agent access and a collaborative ecosystem which leads to significant data improvement – as business occurs. Learn more >

Automate Processes

Set-up database triggers, alerts and configure mobile workflows to eliminate manual processes and reduce the time between data, insight and action.

Strong Access Controls

Robust role-based system access, flexible user permissions developed to Defence security standards. Put the right responsibility in the right hands.

Dashboards & Reporting

Easy-to-use reporting tools enable greater insight for more-informed, data-driven decisions. Management dashboard’s give at-a-glance visual views of your KPI’s.

Flexible Deployment

Our solutions can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid of the two, providing the greatest level of scalability and control, and keeping your TCO low. Learn more >

24/7 Tiered Support

Our solutions are easy to deploy and use. When you need professional services or technical support, our experienced engineers are ready to help. Learn more >

Vendor-Independent Platform

We are agnostic when it comes to tagging and hardware so you can always take advantage of the latest auto-ID, mobile technology to drive your business forward.

Continuous R&D Program

We maintain a core code base so that when we work on an update, our entire user-community benefits, keeping you are the forefront of enterprise intelligence technology.

A Future-Proof Investment

We are continually investing in our software and mobile products to make them more useful and ensure our clients experience the best performance possible.