Emergency Services

Emergency Services Industry Challenges

Increases in incident frequency and magnitude are placing greater demands on emergency services. Traditional asset tracking systems have lacked real-time visibility of mission-critical equipment and personnel. Inventory, verification and compliance checks have taken considerable time and resources. There are also significant productivity and cost issues, and increased risk to public safety, when mission-critical equipment is lost, not returned or maintained adequately.

Enterprise Intelligence Solutions For Emergency Services

Relegen’s proven enterprise asset and risk intelligence software, auto-ID tagging and mobile products offer a compelling solution to these challenges. It delivers the intelligence needed to make better decisions to minimise equipment loss, save time and resources, increase asset utilisation, manage operational risks and ultimately improve public safety and responsiveness.

Single, Real-Time View
Of Assets [+ Risks]

Agency-wide visibility and traceability. Unparalleled data quality with item-level serialisation.

Ensure Maximum
Operational Readiness

Detailed tracking of equipment locations, custodians, warranties, inspections, servicing, certification and usage.

Reduce Emergency
Equipment Loss

Reduce the time and cost associated with lost or missing items, equipment retrieval and unnecessary purchases.

Cleaner, Faster
Equipment Checks & Audits

Capture accurate data faster using Auto-ID, RFID and highly-configurable mobile applications.

Share Accurate
Equipment Information

Share critical equipment data with all stakeholders including first responders for better decisions.

Track Asset

Track equipment custodians, issue, receipt, chain-of-custody. Manage relationships between assets [e.g. Fire truck & pump].

Increase Safety
& Security

Track servicing, replacement, hazardous materials, garment decontamination, respirator fit tests.

Mobile Workflow

Build highly-customised workflows for managing infield processes, decontamination, safe re-use or asset disposal.

Does your emergency services organisation need assistance with RFID-based asset tracking, improving utilisation, inventory and lifecycle management?

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