Unified Suite

  • Risk-Based Asset Intelligence
  • The Power Of assetDNA + riskDNA In One
  • Enhance Risk-Aware Decision-Making

A Single Platform for Managing Physical Assets And Operational Risk

Relegen’s new Unified Suite for risk-based asset intelligence enables organisations to look closely at what others ignore – all enterprise-wide physical assets and all their associated risks – and find what others never see: insights that can help make your enterprise more compliant, productive, safer and secure.


The Business Value of Risk-Based Asset Intelligence

“When you have access to technology that delivers enterprise-wide insights into the relationship between
assets and risks, suddenly you have a powerful decision-making tool.”

A Single, Trusted Point of Truth

For all assets and their associated risks – enterprise-wide.

Complete Enterprise Visibility

Identify and manage all asset-related risks across the business easily.

Reduced Capital Investments

Improve asset and operational capability, lifespan and availability.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Data-driven audit trails for meeting industry mandates and requirements.

Improve Safety And Security

Recognise, reduce and eradicate asset-related risks sooner.

Organisational Alignment

Between asset and risk management objectives, processes and systems.

Better Resource Utilisation

Prioritise people, resources and project investments more appropriately.

Innovate Your Operations

Enable greater focus on KPI’s. Better data for better decisions.

Powerful Features For A Risk-Based Approach to Asset Management

  • Manage Any Asset + Any Risk

    Manage any asset, and any risk, as globally unique, to whatever level of detail is important for your business.

  • Centralised Data Repository

    Highly-granular, enterprise-wide visibility of all assets, risks and asset-related risks, both vertically and horizontally.

  • Complete, Enterprise-Wide Picture

    Get the big picture with highly-granular detailed asset views, and then see all the risks related to these asset views.

  • Rigorous Tools for Assessing Asset-Related Risks

    Make better decisions about the prioritisation of asset lifecycles, capital projects and investments. Realise greater value from all your assets.

  • Continuous Data Improvement

    Eliminate ‘snapshot’ assessments run by external consultants and become self-sufficient. Improve corporate knowledge over time.

  • Flexible + Scalable

    Unlimited assets, risks, locations, fields, users and more. Deploy on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid of the two. Learn more >

  • Supports Industry Standards

    Move your organisation towards best practice principles and processes covered by ISO 55000 [EAM] and ISO 31000 [ERM].

  • Mobile Workflow App Builder

    Create customised mobile workflow apps to meet your unique business needs. Enforce procedures. Standardise best practice. Learn more >

  • Open, Integration-Ready Platform

    Open platform. Built to work with EAMs, ERM’s, ERP’s, OH&S, HR and mission-critical business systems. Learn more >

  • Management Dashboards & Reporting

    Reporting builder +at-a-glance visual views of asset and risk-related KPI’s and reports for greater insight.

  • Database Triggers & Alerts

    Enhanced email notifications, triggers and alert capabilities for
    delivering critical data to the right people at the right time.

  • Multi-Lingual Support

    Extensive, flexible multi-lingual support to meet the needs of today’s diverse global enterprises.

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Why Choose Relegen’s Unified Suite?


Developed by engineers in partnership with industry experts.


Unlimited assets, risks, fields, users. Extensive multi-lingual support.


Works with your existing systems. Connects data with assets and risks.


Define your own assets, risks, relationships, mobile workflow apps.


Intuitive UI. Easy to use. Subscription-based licensing.