Government Industry Challenges

Local, state and federal government organisations are custodians of large asset bases and critical infrastructure which our communities rely on. These assets however, are subject to aging, increasing regulation, environmental compliance, stringent auditing and accountability demands. Government agencies, like other asset-intensive organisations, must find new ways to improve the way they track, manage and maintain their assets as they aim to meet their mandates with constrained budgets and the pressure to reduce costs to taxpayers.

Enterprise Intelligence For Local, State And Federal Governments

Relegen’s innovative enterprise asset and risk intelligence capabilities enable Government organisations to gain deeper insights into every asset and asset-related risk under their jurisdiction. It gives them a single point of truth and flexible platform to capture, manage and share trusted asset data for better, data-driven decisions which increase return on assets, optimise government expenditure and improve the critical services they deliver to constituents.

Asset Visibility

Department + agency-wide visibility, traceability, and accountability of all assets with item-level granularity.

Manage Any
Government Asset

Buildings, infrastructure, leases, roads, water, waste, parks, fleets, IT, mobile, people and more.

Faster, More Accurate
Asset Audits

Reduce the time and cost of auditing. Automate field processes. Improve the accuracy of data capture.

Better Manage
Asset-Related Expenditure

Find costs savings by managing assets more strategically. Improve asset acquisition, depreciation and renewal.

Enterprise Mobile
Workflow Applications

Use innovative and highly-configurable enterprise mobile applications to improve field processes, and data quality.

Leverage Auto-ID
Barcode & RFID

Our platform works with any tagging technology [Barcode/RFID/NFC]. Mobile apps for iOS, Android, MS Windows Tablets.

Make Better
Risk-Aware Decisions

Smarter, more-informed choices about the prioritisation of asset upgrades versus new capital works projects.

Data Improvement

Secure asset information centrally. Collaborate with external service providers. Improve data currency and completeness.

Make better decisions about the planning, acquisition, operation and maintenance, renewal and disposal of government assets, maximise asset service delivery potential and manage asset-related risks, and costs, over their life. For a free demonstration and discussion around your requirements: