EAM Services

Comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management Services

Since 2000, Relegen’s core focus has been the application of best-practice enterprise asset management (EAM) products and services. Our unique combination of engineering services capability and proprietary enterprise asset intelligence technology enables clients to improve asset availability, reliability, security, safety and performance, and maximise return on assets.

Discovery, Verification & Auditing

Does your organisation have a true picture of its assets? We can help with the development of a comprehensive asset baseline and proven tools for faster, cleaner physical asset audits and compliance checks. Learn more.

Tag Specification & Application

Leverage Relegen’s experience and expertise in asset tag application. We can assess asset requirements, develop tagging specifications, source, supply and affix. Learn more about our RFID and barcode tagging services here.

Asset Data Improvement

Since 2000, Relegen has undertaken many asset and risk data cleansing and improvement projects for Defence and asset-intensive organisations. Learn more about our data improvement product and professional services.

Asset Lifecycle Management

We can help you improve asset lifecycle management by providing your organisation with an integrated enterprise asset intelligence platform that improves quality, integrity, and relevance of asset data through-life.

Configuration Management

We have delivered many configuration management solutions for Defence. Our proprietary platform improves the management of assets by ensuring their configurations and relationships are known, recorded and accessible.

Inspection, Test, Certification

Relegen’s proprietary technology and professional services  help you comply with unique and complex regulations and documentation mandates for your asset and equipment inspection, test and certification requirements.

Automation Of Infield Data Capture & Workflows

Since 2000 our team has successfully delivered infield data capture and mobile workflow software solutions utilising hand-held applications, smartphones and auto-ID/RFID. Learn more about relegenDNA Mobile.

Asset Procedures & Technical Documentation

Relegen engineers deliver a wide-range of technical documentation, such as operating procedures, start-up / shut-down and commissioning / decommissioning scopes, to support your asset maintenance practices.

Technology Implementation, Integration & Custom Development

Technology application development is our core business. We can also connect enterprise information systems, customise mobile workflows, and more, so you can improve the way you manage assets and risk.