Mining & Minerals

Mining And Minerals Processing Industry Challenges

When margins are being eroded by unpredictability, rising costs and softening commodity prices, resource companies must intimately understand what capabilities they have and use this knowledge to optimise performance. This demands deep, enterprise-wide insights into assets at an item-level, and asset-related risks. And yet, despite significant investment in information systems to date, real-world, real-time asset intelligence remains a key challenge for the resources sector. Whilst there is an abundance of data in these systems, they often lack data integrity, compromising decision-making and exposing mining organisations to significant risk.

Enterprise Intelligence Solutions For Mining

To address this challenge, mining organisations can look to Relegen’s secure serialisation and enterprise asset and risk intelligence solutions, which work to unify enterprise-wide data into a single, authoritative point of truth – one that is in lockstep their real-world assets in-the-field. Organisations can then use this intelligence to significantly reduce the time between information, decision and action to drive innovation in asset utilisation, productivity and performance, and reduce operational risk.

Visibility & Traceability

Tracks any asset, part, raw material, upstream and downstream, through to finished goods with secure serialisation and global unique asset ID’s.

Improve Safety
And Productivity

Boost workforce productivity, improve safety and compliance with complete, accurate, up-to-date and accessible asset and risk information.

Leverage Auto-ID
Barcode & RFID

Our vendor-independent item serialisation software works with any tagging technology – Barcode, RFID, NFC, DPM, Covert & more.

Enterprise Mobile

Capture accurate, real-world, real-time data infield, on-the-spot with mobile workflow apps for iOS, Android, MS Windows Tablets.

Find Cost Savings
For Physical Assets

Find costs savings with greater transparency into asset lifecycles. Achieve better asset service levels and condition outcomes.

Better Manage
Cost vs. Risk

Make better decisions about resource allocation, CAPEX & OPEX using leading-practice control-centered risk assessment tools.

Streamline Mining
Processes & Operations

Reduce the time, costs of physical asset audits, asset inspections. Automate repeatable processes. Replicate best practice.

Data Improvement

Store asset information centrally. Collaborate with contractors, external services and supply. Improve data currency, completeness.

Relegen’s enterprise asset and risk intelligence software and services helps mining organisations improve the quality of data so they can make better decisions that will maximise asset utilisation across fleets and sites, automate workflows, standardise best practices, control costs, reduce risk and meet safety and environment regulatory compliance. For site references and a discussion around your unique requirements: