IT Asset Management

IT/ICT Industry Challenges

IT asset management is no longer just about keeping track of network servers, desktop computers, and peripheral devices. Security has become a major necessity. Proper procurement, warranty and replacement procedures must be followed. Compliance requirements for the destruction of data and e-waste are growing more stringent. And IT departments are faced with a proliferation of BYOD devices that also have to be managed.

Enterprise Intelligence Solutions For IT

Relegen’s proven enterprise asset and risk intelligence software, tagging and mobile products enable organisations to perform 100% serialised reconciliation for every IT asset enterprise-wide, and maintain full visibility and accountability during the entire lifecycle from acquisition through retirement and disposal.

IT Asset
Visibility & Control

Enterprise-wide visibility of all IT assets. Improve data quality and completeness with item-level serialisation.

Asset Check In/
Check Out

Track the issue, receipt and movement of IT assets to custodians and contractors via auto-ID, RFID and mobile applications.


Ensure physical and data security and demonstrated chain-of-custody with data-driven audit trails for IT asset disposal.

Cleaner, Faster
IT Asset Audits

Capture accurate data during IT asset audits using auto-ID, RFID and highly-configurable mobile applications.

Manage Warranty

Record warranty data for all IT assets at the item-level to reduce and eliminate unnecessary servicing costs.

Control Costs,
Reduce IT Asset Loss

Know what you have, where it is, when it’s due back, needs servicing replacement or retirement.

Manage IT
Asset Lifecycles

Manage data associated with procurement, deployment, discoverability, maintenance, reporting, retirement and disposal.

Boost Data

Manage parent child relationships. Track sensitive data when IT assets are being decommissioned.

Relegen’s enterprise asset and risk intelligence software and services helps organisations improve data quality and IT asset management. For a free demonstration and a discussion around your unique business requirements: