A Single, Trusted View Of All Operational Risks

  • Enterprise Risk Register
  • SQRA Tools
  • Bow-Tie Analysis
  • ISO 31000-Ready
  • Cloud + On-premises

One Platform For All Your Enterprise Risk Intelligence

Developed by Relegen engineers in partnership with risk management industry experts.

Explore The Benefits of riskDNA

“…riskDNA delivers the enterprise-wide insights needed to make better decisions that reduce business risk…”

A Single, Trusted Point Of Truth

All your enterprise-wide risk intelligence – all in one place.

Enterprise-Wide Risk Visibility

Identify your biggest risks easily. Gain a complete risk picture.

Enhanced Risk Knowledge

Capitalise on local knowledge. Create a risk-focused organisation.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Structured methodology to drive consistency across the business.

Improve Safety And Security

Identify inconsistencies across sites, and resolve deficiencies – quickly.

Reduced Risk Program Costs

Become self-sufficient. Deliver better services, internally, at less cost.

Better Resource Utilisation

Allocate resources to initiatives that will give the greatest return.

Innovate Your Operations

Better data for smarter, faster decisions that drive your business forward.

Transform Your ERM Program With Features Like These

  • Manage Any Risk

    Safety, environmental, security, community, reputation, hazards &
    incidents, operational, financial, strategic and more.

  • A Complete, Enterprise-Wide Risk Picture

    Get the big picture of all risks across the enterprise with the ability to drill down into highly-granular individual risk views.

  • Score, Rank and Correlate Risks

    Powerful tools to arrive at a risk score for any given risk so you can easily compare risks across the business and prioritise resources.

  • Bow-Tie Production

    Visually map and communicate event or risk threats, consequences and critical controls using bow-tie diagrams.

  • Rigorous Tools for Self-Assessment of Risks & Controls

    Purpose-built for risk assessment workshops. Deliver improved risk services in-house at a fraction of the cost of consultant-run programs.

  • Semi-Quantified Risk Modelling

    Produce superior data for making better decisions about the allocation of organisational resources to risk reduction activities.

  • Flexible Deployment Options

    Deploy riskDNA as a fully-hosted solution the cloud, or on your infrastructure, or as a hybrid of the two. Learn more >

  • Mobile Workflow App Builder

    Create custom mobile apps [no coding required] to capture specific sets of risk data such as JSA’s, JSEA’s, PTW’s and more. Learn more >

  • Supports ISO 31000

    Move your organisation towards best practice principles and processes.

  • Open, Integration-Ready Platform

    Open architecture platform. Built to work with OH&S and other mission-critical business systems. Learn more >

  • MS Windows Tablet Edition

    Support for MS Windows tablets [such as a ruggedised Toughbook] for taking all your data with you, when you’re on the go.

  • Management Dashboards & Reporting

    Reporting building tools + at-a-glance visual views of risk-related KPI’s for greater insight.

  • Database Triggers And Alerts

    Enhanced email notifications, triggers and alert capabilities for delivering critical risk data to the right people at the right time.

  • Multi-Lingual Support

    Extensive, flexible multi-lingual support to meet the needs of today’s diverse global enterprises.

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Why Choose riskDNA?


Developed by engineers in partnership with Defence, industry and risk experts.


Unlimited risks, sites, fields, users. Multi-lingual. Scales as your business grows.


Works with existing systems. Data improves in quality and business value over time.


Define your own risks, structures, fields, mobile workflows to mirror your operations.


Easy to deploy, use. Subscription-based licensing. Intuitive UI and mobile tools. 24/7 support.