Physical Asset Auditing

Automated Asset Discovery, Verification and Physical Asset Auditing Solutions

Relegen has a proven track record of delivering asset discovery, verification and physical asset auditing solutions to Defence and industry. Our integrated enterprise asset intelligence software, tagging, and mobile solutions help organisations create and maintain correct, current, complete asset baselines and deliver the insights needed to maximise depreciation, improve stock-keeping and inventory, minimise the time and cost associated with asset loss and improve compliance.

Integrated Solutions

Complete, integrated, user-configurable software-tagging-mobile solutions for asset discovery, verification, auditing and professional services.

Improved Data Quality,
Down To The Item-Level

Identiify and track an unlimited number of assets, as globally unique, down to the component level. Capture parent-child relationships during audits.

Data-Rich Environment

Record any data about any asset: type, location, condition, make, model, maintenance, defects, manuals, photos and more – straight from the source.

Cleaner, Faster Audits, At Lower Cost

Replace error-prone manual and paper-based systems. Capture accurate data using Auto-ID, barcode, RFID and user-configurable mobile applications.

Know What You Have.
Reduce Equipment Loss.

Detect missing items sooner. Reduce the costs associated with lost or stolen items, equipment retrieval and unnecessary purchases.

Mobile Workflow Management

Build highly-customised mobile workflows – without code – for collecting specific data sets and guiding efficient asset auditing routes.


Achieve Accurate And Actionable Asset Baselines

Leverage our deep expertise in conducting asset discovery, verification and physical asset audits for Defence and Industry