Raft of New Features Delivered for relegenDNA Mobile

As we begin the New Year, we cannot help but reflect on all the ways our new cloud and mobile-enabled enterprise asset and risk traceability platform has evolved over the years to where it is today. In mid-2019, not only did we launch a suite of new cloud products – assetDNA and riskDNA – for helping organisations transform the management of physical assets and operational risk – we also released a powerful codeless mobile app builder capability in relegenDNA Mobile.

And we haven’t stopped there. Since the launch of relegenDNA Mobile for iOS we’ve developed, tested and deployed over 145 updates, performance enhancements and new features to further strengthen the mobile platform’s core capabilities. These have included:

Scan 1D/2D Barcodes and QR Codes Using the iPhone’s Camera

Users can now scan QR codes, 1D and 2D barcodes via the iPhone’s inbuilt camera – eliminating the need to purchase third-party hardware and lowering associated maintenance and upgrade costs. This enables organisations to quickly and easily identify, authenticate, and track asset location, condition and other data parameters in-the-field, in real-time. This capability can both improve mobile data capture quality and disseminate critical data to mobile workers for better decisions and action at the point of need.

Pin-Drop Locations on Apple Maps

New functionality now enables users to drop a pin to mark locations anywhere on the Apple Maps application (support for Google Maps is also included in the cloud edition). This can be highly useful for easily recording locations and asset tracking data on-the-run.

Scan HF RFID’s using the iPhone’s built-in NFC Reader

We have rolled out support for the iPhone’s built-in NFC reader (NFC is a form of HF RFID) – a capability made possible with the launch of iOS 13. This is another enhancement that helps organisations reduce CAPEX and OPEX associated with acquiring and maintaining supplementary hardware. Additionally, beyond making HF RFID tag ‘reads’ easier, apps can be configured to ‘write’ data to these tags – such as allocating a global unique serial for item-level identification, physical asset auditing and traceability applications. This capability is in addition to the existing integration support for the robust Linear Pro 7 scanner device for iPhone 6/6s/7 and 8.

New Attribute (Fields) Control Types

Right across our technology platform, data collected on assets (or risks) are called attributes. Attributes are essentially user-defined fields which specify what and how data is collected. There were already 40 plus attribute control types including text boxes, check boxes, dates, times, combo boxes, currency, nested filter controls and more. We have now added support for new attribute control types such as:

Questions: For example, a mobile workflow app could be configured to ask up-front “Have you performed a ‘Take 5 and Stay Alive’ pre-task risk assessment?” To which users have to select a YES or NO before they can proceed.

Audio Recordings: A new ‘voice control’ will enable relegenDNA Mobile user’s to record audio using the mobile devices’ microphone, such as recording observations about asset condition or safety whilst operating in-the-field. The recording is then saved to the attribute, and after the data has sync’d it is available for replaying by any users with authorised access to the platform. In the future, we also plan to add an option for converting speech to text to further improve the ease and efficiency of data capture.

Web-Link: For providing fast and easily-accessible useful information that might be contained in other web-based applications.

A Host of Productivity Improvements

We have also released dozens of productivity improvements. This includes enhanced use of left and right swipe gestures for an improved user experience, the ability to build sophisticated automations into workflows, such as, upon scanning an RFID tag, the ability to instantly capture a photo and/or associate an image from the mobile phone gallery, a new mobile workflow quick search function, and multiple enhancements in terms of app speed, performance and ease-of-use.

About relegenDNA Mobile

relegenDNA Mobile ushers in a new era for organisations to rapidly build-and-deploy no-code custom mobile apps that deliver a step-change improvement in the way companies manage physical assets and operational risks. It enables organisations to accelerate enterprise mobility and deliver powerful, highly-personalised mobile apps to their workforce significantly faster, and more economically, than ever before. Organisations can use it to swiftly configure and deploy mobile data capture apps for: Audit, Discover, Issue, Receipt, Transfer, Inspection, Rounds, Stocktake, Inventory, Service, Work Orders, JSA / JSEA ,Job Safety Checklists, Personal Risk Assessments and more. relegenDNA Mobile is available for iOS devices from Apple’s App Store today.

Relegen Welcomes Your Feedback

We’re always working to make our software and mobile application ever more useful for our customers. For a full list of product updates – many of which have been suggested by our clients who are already reaping the benefits of relegenDNA Mobile – visit the new Product Updates page on our website. Extended releases notes are available for registered users on our online support portal (account login required). Should you have ideas and feedback on how we can continue to make our tools even more productive, please reach out to our support team at support@relegen.com. They’d love to hear from you!