Asset Discovery & Auditing

Gain Visibility And Control With An Accurate Asset Baseline

Relegen has a long history and proven track record of delivering asset discovery and physical asset auditing project services for Defence, education, mining, manufacturing and asset-intensive organisations.

The Importance Of Asset Discovery And Physical Asset Audits

Know What You Have, Where It Is, And Who Has What

Improved Stock Keeping, Inventory & Lifecycle Management

Maximise Depreciation On All Your Organisational Assets

Minimise The Time And Costs Associated With Asset Loss

Improved Compliance With Regulatory Requirements

Asset Discovery and Physical Asset Auditing Capabilities

Project scope is usually determined by asset volume, locations, and the datasets which need to be collected on them. Upon completion, we can deliver a comprehensive report or you can license our proprietary enterprise asset intelligence platform – assetDNA – to maintain your data on an ongoing basis.

  • Asset Commonly Audited

    • Mining Equipment
    • Personnel
    • Armoury Items
    • Evidence
    • Office Equipment
    • IT Assets
    • Fleet & Vehicles
    • Pressure Vessels
    • Defence & Naval Assets
    • Fixed, Mobile, Linear Assets
    • Documents
    • And More
  • Common Datasets Captured

    • Global Unique Asset ID’s
    • Asset Name
    • Type, Class, Description
    • Manufacturer, Model, Make
    • Locations
    • Purchase & Warranty
    • Serials & Part Numbers
    • Operation
    • Condition
    • Custodians
    • Due Dates [e.g. For Servicing, Return]
    • And More

Why Relegen

A Proven Track Record

We have undertaken many asset discovery and physical asset auditing projects for Defence and asset-intensive organisations across Australia and around the world.

Expertise In Auditing

We are the experts in asset discovery and auditing and understand the importance of having an accurate, item-level baseline register and enterprise-wide view.


We deliver enterprise asset and risk intelligence software + tags + mobile apps + devices as well as a full range of professional services to ensure and support your success.