RFID & Barcode Services

Leverage Our Extensive Experience in Auto-ID, Barcode And RFID

Relegen offers trusted, independent advice ranging from technology strategy, onsite surveys, workflow analysis and application customisation, by leveraging our extensive experience in item serialisation, auto-ID, RFID and barcoding. We can deliver a full range of RFID tagging and barcode labelling services and provide you with the foundation for a strong enterprise asset management program that will make identifying, tracking, and securing all your assets, easy.

Onsite Reviews

We can conduct onsite surveys and reviews to understand your needs, use cases, existing systems, workflows, people and processes, and observe the physical environment in order to propose the best solution design.

Detailed Tagging Specifications

We can assess asset requirements and develop/deliver detailed tagging specification and related documentation and ensure the tag stays with the asset through-life and does not impact the assets fit, form or function.

Asset Tag Source, Supply, Deliver

Leave the confusing world of auto-ID, RTLS, RFID, NFC, frequency, and all its concepts, jargon, acronyms to the Relegen experts. We understand the ins and outs and will ensure your technology is fit for purpose.

Integrated Serialisation Services

For maximum data integrity, security, control, we can deliver our powerful item serialisation platform with asset tagging services. It works with any tag, codification standard as well as our own patented, multi-layer assetDNA ID’s.

RFID & Barcode Tag Application

Substrate, adhesives, environment, temperature, vibration, liquids, surface preparation can impact the successful affixing of asset tags and labels. Leverage Relegen’s long-held experience and expertise in asset tag application.

OEM Asset Tagging

OEM’s are being asked to mark items with GUID’s from the point of manufacture for secure identification and traceability prior to supply. We can work with you, and your OEM’s, to implement such mandates.

RFID Data Management

We have the technology and experience to not only ensure your existing IT infrastructure isn’t overwhelmed by the influx of RFID, but ensure it generates deeper insights and advantage.

Custom Tag Design

Relegen can design, develop and supply custom tags and bespoke labels to meet your unique requirements for a broad range of assets, use cases and industry segments and environments.

Systems Integration

We offer comprehensive system integration solutions, and can review, implement item serialisation, data capture and reader applications that plug into your existing environment.