Hospitals & Healthcare

Hospital Assets & Healthcare Industry Challenges

The challenges associated with managing asset data in the healthcare sector are growing day by day. They must find ways to reduce the time and money spent each year associated with mobile assets that get routinely lost, or stolen. They must also improve the speed and accuracy of medical device recalls. Most importantly, the devices themselves need to be individually identifiable so that as they pass through their lifecycle all stakeholders – OEMs, distributors, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and patients – can collaborate on device records and access a rich data-set and definitive point of truth.

Enterprise Intelligence Solutions For Hospitals and Healthcare

Relegen’s highly-configurable software-tagging-mobile platform can be deployed to gain deeper insights into healthcare assets and as a platform to underpin item unique identification (IUID) programs to support medical materiel management and the transformation of healthcare delivery, safety and security – all whilst driving cost efficiency. Key to the system is the secure allocation and management of global unique identifiers that can be attached to any asset, device and component, including staff and patients, to provide hospital-wide visibility with unsurpassed granularity.

Serialisation For Unique
Device Identification

Allocate unique identifiers to any asset, item or component; to provide hospital, and industry-wide visibility with item granularity.

Equipment Costs

Track healthcare assets in near-real time. Eliminate unnecessary equipment searches and purchases.

Audit Trails

Track item history, expiration dates, decontamination processes, product recalls and more.

Fast, Accurate Audits
& Inventory Checks

Increase productivity and data capture quality using auto-ID, RFID and mobile applications.

Manage Documents &
Warranty Data

Associate instructions, usage and other document records with specific devices. Record warranties to reduce servicing costs.

Control Costs &
Reduce Asset Loss

Know what you have, where it is, when it’s due back, needs servicing replacement or retirement.

Device Lifecycle
Data Management

Meet through-life medical device management mandates. Ensure proper workflows for each individual item.

Efficient, Safer
Device Recalls

Enables rapid identification of medical devices in the event of device recalls or contamination.

Does your healthcare organisation need help with improving asset utilisation, inventory management and better data for accurately associated devices with custodians and patients? If so, please reach out to us for a free software demonstration and discussion around the ways our technology can be put to work.