Auto-ID Asset Tracking

Auto-ID, Barcode And RFID-Based Asset Tracking Solutions

Do you know, definitively, how many assets you have? Where they’ve been? Where they are now? Who’s custody they’re in? What is their condition? When something’s due? Relegen’s proprietary software-tagging-mobile and data improvement products make it easier than ever to track and manage all your assets. Put them to work for asset discovery, audits and inspections, track locations, chain-of-custody, servicing and more. Our secure platform is hardware and tag-agnostic meaning you can always be assured of the best auto-ID solution for your business application.

Tag + Track Any Asset & Component

Across the enterprise as globally unique with Relegen’s robust item serialisationassetDNA data management software [Cloud + On-premises].

Integrate With Any Tag

Open platform works with a wide-range of Barcode / RFID / NFC / DPM asset tags and readers [Fixed + Hand-held] including multiple technologies at once.

Capture Asset Data On The Go

Build your own mobile workflows and data capture apps – without code – with relegenDNA Mobile for iOS, Android & MS Windows Tablets.

Improve Asset Security

Track asset movement and chain-of-custody through-life. Manage access to assets in line with training and authority.

Minimise Cost, Reduce Risk

Improve inventory management. Reduce loss. Maintain and service assets based on operation and condition vs. time.

Automate Processes

Tag asset inspection routes. Capture real-time data with mobile apps. Electronic asset check-in/check-out.


Auto-ID, Barcode & RFID Asset Tracking Solutions Made Simple

Leverage our extensive experience and deep asset tagging and tracking expertise.