Waste & Recycling

Waste And Recycling Industry Challenges

Today, handlers, recyclers and disposers of waste are being asked to be more accountable from a data tracking perspective, especially in the case of e-waste. Increasingly stringent regulations and clients expectations are also rising as our society becomes more environmentally responsible. Organisations must be able to answer with certainty questions such as ‘What waste does this lot contain?’, ‘What can safely be recycled?’ ‘How much is there?’ ‘Where did it end up?’, ‘Do you have chain-of-custody data to prove how it got there?’ ‘Are you assured that data security has not been breached?’ and more.

Enterprise Intelligence Solutions For Waste And Recycling

Relegen’s enterprise asset and risk intelligence platform offers a unique solution to these complex challenges. Key to the system are its serialisation capabilities which serve to associate all through-life data about waste items, as well as workflows for safe and compliant disposal processes and more. It enables organisations to track a waste items journey through multiple people, handling agents, locations and procedures; from identification and collection, to storage, packing and shipping, to remarking, or recycling, to data destruction, dismantling and destroyal.

Waste Tracking

Complete visibility, traceability of waste and e-waste assets though-life with item-level granularity.


Automated data-driven audit trails of custodians, transactions, events – complete history through-life.

Improve Waste,
& Data Security

Data-driven audits trails to record where waste items are now, have been, are going. Ensure proper handling of e-waste.

Item Serialised
Barcodes & RFID

Identify and track waste and e-waste as globally unique using auto-ID, barcode and RFID asset identification technology.

Improve Safety &

Associated warnings, notes and alerts to enforce procedures and ensure safe-handling of waste items.

Infield Mobile
Data Capture

Improve field workflows, processes, and data capture on-the-spot, with mobile apps for iOS, Android, MS Windows Tablets.

Reduce Missed
Revenue Opportunities

Associate waste items with specific clients for accurate billing. Supports incentive-based waste reduction invoicing.

Data Improvement

Store asset information centrally. Collaborate with contractors, external waste servicing agents.

Relegen’s enterprise asset and risk intelligence software and services helps waste organisations improve data integrity, and demonstrate accountability, for the handling of waste assets. For a free demonstration and a discussion around your unique business requirements: