Transform Your Operations With Enterprise Asset Intelligence

  • Item Serialisation
  • Cloud + On-premise
  • RFID/Barcode/RTLS
  • Reader Hardware
  • Mobile Apps for iOS, Android

Way More Than Your Average Asset Management System

Relegen’s assetDNA platform integrates everything needed – serialisation software, asset tags and reader hardware, mobile data capture applications, deployment services and technical support – to achieve enterprise-wide visibility, item-level traceability, and improved data quality across complete asset lifecycles, so you can make better decisions and maximise return on assets.

Developed by engineers. Works with existing business systems. Used by industry leaders across a wide array of use cases.

All Your Enterprise Asset Intelligence – All In One Place

assetDNA leverages secure item serialisation, auto-ID, enterprise mobility and cloud technology,
so you can unlock greater value from all your assets and extend your competitive edge.

A Single, Trusted Point Of Truth

High quality data for smarter, faster decision making.

Enterprise-Wide Asset Visibility

With item-level granularity for every asset, part and component.

Item-Level Traceability

Secure, global unique serialisation. Works with Barcode, RFID, NFC, RTLS.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Data-driven audit trails. Align procedures. Drive best-practice.

Improve Safety And Security

Manage certification, chain-of-custody. Control access. Prevent counterfeits.

Find Greater Cost Savings

Improve inventory, supply. Apply condition-based service.

Boost Efficiency And Productivity

 Fast, clean mobile data capture. Guide efficient inspections.

Innovate Your Operations

A complete operating picture. Maximise return on assets.

Packed Full Of Productivity-Enhancing Features

  • Any Asset, Any Business Context

    Manage any asset – big, small, tangible, intangible, mobile, mission-critical, people and more – in any business context, as globally unique.

  • Near Real-Time Enterprise-Wide View

    A unique, super-informative single working window for a full 360° view. Get the big picture with highly-granular detailed views.

  • A Rich Perspective On Every Asset

    Capture, store, share data: manufacturer, warranty, configuration, servicing, certification, location, photos, documents, custodians.

  • Item-Level Tracking with Global Unique Serialisation

    Managed by the software and carried on the asset tag. For greater accuracy, authentication, traceability and security. Learn more >

  • Use Any Tag: RFID, Barcode, NFC, DPM, Covert

    Vendor-neutral auto-ID platform. Works with tags from world-leading manufacturers + Relegen’s patented, multi-layer solution. More >

  • Flexible Deployment Options

    Deploy assetDNA as a fully-hosted solution in the cloud, or on your infrastructure, or as a hybrid of the two. Learn more >

  • Open, integration-Ready Platform

    Works with ERP’s, EAMs, Supply, CMMS’s, PLM, Access, HR. More >

  • Track Asset History And Lifecycles

    Automatic record of asset attribute changes over time. Manage data across full asset lifecycles from cradle, through recycle, to grave.

  • Manage Asset Relationships

    Create relationships between assets, people, locations, parts and components. Benchmark asset performance across systems.

  • Mobile Workflow App Builder

    Build custom mobile apps for Asset Discovery, Check In/Out, Transfer, Audits, Stocktakes, Inspections, RFID Read/Write & more. Learn more >

  • Management Dashboards and Reporting

    Report builder plus at-a-glance visuals of asset-related KPI’s for greater insight and intelligence for better decision-making.

  • Data Import/Export Tools + Triggers And Alerts

    Tools for data import, export. Email notifications, triggers and alerts for delivering asset data to the right people at the right time.

  • Stakeholder Cloud Collaboration Portal

    Enable anyone who interacts with an asset [e.g. suppliers, service agents] to contribute to its data profile via a cloud portal. More >

  • Multi-Lingual Support

    Extensive, flexible multi-lingual support for today’s global workforce.

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Why Choose assetDNA?


Developed by engineers to Defence security standards. Used by industry leaders.


Unlimited assets, parts, components, fields and users. Global multi-lingual support.


Works with the systems you already have. Connects data with assets in the field.


Define your own assets, structures, fields, and mobile workflows to mirror your operations.


Easy to deploy, use. Subscription-based. Intuitive UI, mobile apps. 24/7 support.