Asset Inventory & Stocktaking

Improve Visibility And Control Of All Your Asset Inventory And Stock

The increasing complexity of global, omnichannel supply chains and track and trace regulations means organisations must have full visibility into stock, inventory, condition and processes at all times. In order to do this, each component – no matter how small – needs to be individually identifiable. Whilst auto-ID technology, such as RFID, can automate the collection of data about each item, that’s only half the battle. Relegen’s enterprise asset intelligence platform gives organisations a powerful, centralised platform with complete item-level visibility and the means significantly improve asset inventory management.

A Complete Inventory Picture

Feed primary systems with quality data. Give stakeholders a ‘single point of truth’ and highly-granular (item-level) enterprise-wide views.

Boosted Productivity

Significantly reduced time to complete stocktakes, assurance and compliance checks using RFID and mobile data capture apps.

Serialisation Software + Tags + Mobile

Integrated, user-configurable software, taggingmobile solutions. Developed by asset management experts. Used by Defence and industry.

Item-Level Traceability

Track and trace items from manufacturing, supply and through defined business processes. Combat counterfeiting. Facilitate faster recalls.

Better Data, Better Decisions

Gain real-time insights into inventory, stock and the supply chain. Drive smarter processes and more informed decision-making.

Reduce Operating Costs

Better data for analysis of inventory strategies and supply planning. Better utilisation and ROA. Minimise inventory waste and asset loss.


Improve Accuracy, Visibility, Productivity With Item-Level Inventory & Stocktake Solutions

Leverage our proven expertise helping Defence, law enforcement, border security operations transform the way they manage assets and inventory.