Certification & Compliance

Improve Safety, Manage Certification And Meet Compliance

Vitually all industries – Defence, mining, manufacturing, pharma, IT, facilities and more – face increasingly complex regulatory environments. Relegen’s enterprise asset and risk intelligence technology solutions can be deployed to securely manage asset documentation, streamline enterprise-wide processes, enforce procedure, and improve data integrity during audits, inspections, rounds, chain-of-custody and more, to ensure compliance with your unique business, industry and statutory requirements.

A Complete Solution

A complete, cloud-based serialisation solution that consolidates and manages assets, components, workflows, risks, documents and more, on one platform.

Streamline + Standardise Data & Document Management

Capture, store, manage and share standardised data, processes, forms, documents. Track changes through-life.

Fast, Accurate Compliance Checks

Using mobile applications, auto-ID. Due date controls ensure assets, components are inspected, tested, certified on time, in-line with standards. 

Data-Driven Audit Trails

Electronic records of who inspected, what, where, when, providing proof-of-presence and assurance that data has been collected by authorised personnel.

Configure + Deploy Consistent Asset & Risk Structures, Fields & Workflows

Ensure local + global staff are working from a single point of truth. Drive best-practice standard operating procedures.

Better Enterprise Decision-Making

Feed primary systems with real-world intelligence and insight. Improve data integrity for better enterprise decision-making and meeting compliance.


Standardise Processes. Meet Standards. Improve Data Integrity Across The Enterprise.

Leverage our proprietary asset and risk intelligence technology solutions for improving safety, managing certification and meeting compliance.