Data Improvement Services

Enterprise Asset And Risk Data Improvement Services

Since 2000, Relegen has undertaken many data cleansing and improvement projects for Defence and industry. Our data improvement services include merging, migration, deduplication, alignment, standardisation, verifying, enriching, integrating and appending missing data. Does your organisation need help defining, collecting, aligning and improving asset and risk data quality in order to gain greater intelligence and insight? 

Data Cleansing

Developed by engineers and asset and risk specialists in partnership with industry. Used by Defence and asset-intensive leaders world-wide to solve complex challenges.

Data Alignment Across Systems

We can map and pass data to and from your primary systems – ERP, EAM, PLM, SLM, CMMS, Supply – to bridge the gap between data and assets and create a single point of truth.

Data Migration, Import, Export

Our software and mobile apps feature extensive, flexible multilingual support for a wide-range of languages to meet the needs of today’s diverse global enterprises.

Data Verification

Define your own asset/risk registers, relationships, fields, forms, locations and mobile workflows to mirror your operations and meet your business objectives.

Data Enrichment

Our platform is highly-scalable. There’s no limit to the number of assets, risks, field, filters, or users, offering unmatched accessibility and extendability.

Continuous Data Improvement

Engage staff, drive productivity, improve data quality with relegenDNA Mobile. Build your own apps + deploy to any device. Works with assetDNA and riskDNA. Learn more >