Retail & Supply

Retail And Supply Industry Challenges

In today’s hyper-connected online world we expect a streamlined, consistent and ‘always-on’ shopping experience. However, for retailers, the information systems required to support this experience are often plagued with data integrity issues and a lack of visibility into inventory. Item serialisation can be the key to solving this problem, and with the right RFID-based platform, retailers can gain faster, deeper insights into: who, what, when and where, in their retail and supply chain operations.

Enterprise Intelligence Solutions For Retail And Supply

Relegen’s serialisation software, RFID tagging and mobile data capture platform helps retailers improve stock handling, inventory and productivity. By gaining insight into where all your stock items are, and what they are doing, through accurate, actionable data, retailers can respond to issues faster and improve their business operations in real-time. The end result: greater efficiencies, cost savings, increased item availability for boosting customer satisfaction – and sales.

Enhanced Inventory

Unique product identifiers provide business-wide inventory and supply chain visibility with item-level granularity.


Accurate product and item-level identification and authentication. Reduce risk of counterfeits entering the supply chain.

Manage Warranty

Track and trace warranty data against products at the item-level to reduce unnecessary returns and repair claims costs.

Faste Accurate

Reduce the time it takes to complete stocktakes and improve data capture quality using RFID and mobile applications..


Improve shipping, picking and receiving time-to-complete and accuracy. Improve inventory management processes.

Control Costs,
Reduce Shrinkage

Enhance loss prevention capabilities. Reduce costs associated with out-of-stocks. Electronic proof of delivery.

Supply Chain Visibility
& Traceability

Leverage RFID to improve supply chain processes. Monitor product environments. Ensure traceability in event of a recall.

Better Planning
& Decision-Making

Improve data accuracy, develop deeper insight and drive integrated business planning across all lines of a retailer’s business.

Does your retail organisation need greater visibility of product inventory and supply chain traceability?

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