Serialisation & Traceability

Improve Visibility, Safety, Compliance With Item Serialisation Technology Solutions

Identify, authenticate and track and trace all your assets with certainty with Relegen’s secure item serialisation solutions. Put our highly-specialised products to work across your organisation to improve supply chain visibility, ensure safety and compliance, prevent counterfeiting, improve recall management, integrate enterprise data systems and processes, and protect brand value.

Enterprise Visibility + Item Traceability

Track data on every single asset, item, part and component through-life from cradle to grave. Gain enterprise-wide visibility with granular traceability.

Create + Trace Asset Hierarchies

Identify individual items and associate them with batches, bundles, packs, pallets via global unique serials and parent-child relationships.

Meet Mandates, Improve Compliance

Comply with serialisation regulations quickly and comprehensively, and unlock new opportunities for improving your business operations.

Identify & Authenticate In-The-Field

Instantly identify, authenticate and trace the origin and safety of items in-the-field with relegenDNA Mobile for iOS, Android & MS Windows Tablets.

Flexible, Hardware-Agnostic Solutions

Our flexible, hardware-agnostic serialisation solutions work with a wide-range of asset tags & readers including serveral technologies at once.

Used By Defence & Industry

To identify, authenticate, track, manage assets, armoury items, rotable parts, serialised components, people, plant, equipment – through-life.


Make the Complex Simple With Our Flexible Item Serialisation Solutions

Leverage our secure item serialisation capabilities and extensive project experience.