Modules For Teamcenter

  • Leverage Item Serialisation
  • Auto-ID / RFID / Barcode
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Enterprise Risk Intelligence

Deploy assetDNA + riskDNA As Integrated Modules For Siemens Teamcenter

Organisations using Siemens Teamcenter PLM can now leverage the benefits of global unique item-level serialisation, auto-ID and RFID technology, and mobile data collection, to provide richer, accurate, real-time data, and complete traceability through design, operation, service and end-of-life.


Explore The Benefits

Bridge the gap between EAM, ERM, PLM and SLM and gain greater insights into all critical aspects of
every assets lifecycle – from design, manufacture and in-service to end-of-life.

A Single, Trusted, Enterprise-Wide
Point Of Truth

Eliminate EAM, ERM, PLM, SLM data silos. Improve data quality.

Enhance Product Visibility & Traceability

Utilise item serialisation to identify parts and products through full value chain.

Minimise Costs & Risks of Auto-ID/RFID Integration

Reduced IT investment and resources to manage both EAM, ERM and PLM separately.

Bridge The Gap Between Design and Operation

Continuous feedback loop through design, manufacture, operation and service.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Unbroken data-driven audit trails for meeting industry mandates.

Extend Existing Investments

Unlock untapped value in your Teamcenter PLM / SLM implementation.

Optimise Design & Performance

Capture & share operational & lifecycle data across value chain.

Innovate Your Operations

Optimise processes. Drive better outcomes across full value chain.

Features Overview

Our seamless integration means enterprises can deploy RFID-based systems and innovate business processes, protecting and extending their Teamcenter ROI, and reducing the costs and risks of integrating components from multiple suppliers. Leverage the full power of assetDNA & riskDNA including:

Item Serialisation

Item serialisation technology for deeper insights into critical aspects of every product and part, at every stage in the lifecycle.

Integrate Auto-ID, RFID

Integration with Auto-ID, RFID and barcode tagging technologies and mobile data capture applications.

Enterprise Mobility

Highly-granular insights into items in operation and service which can be fed back to design and engineering.

Deeper Insights

Best practice methodologies to manage risks, controls and drive performance.

Associate Documents
With Asset, Though-Life

Best practice methodologies to manage risks, controls and drive performance.

Integrated Risk-Based

Best practice methodologies to manage risks, controls and drive performance.

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Why Relegen Technology?


Developed by engineers, industry experts to Defence security standards. Used by asset-intensive leaders.


Unlimited serialised assets, parts, risks, structures, fields and users. Multi-lingual support.


Relegen is an accredited Siemens Solutions Partner for systems integration, licensing and implementation.


Works with the systems you already have. Connects data in systems with assets and risks in the field.


Easy to deploy and use. 24/7 Tiered Support. Subscription-based licensing. Intuitive UI and mobile tools.