Proof Of Physical Presence

Secure, Proof Of Presence And Physical Authentication Solutions

Do you need to confirm or authenticate the presence of a healthcare providers, security, service or inspection personnel at specific, physical locations? Relegen’s fully-configurable item serialisation software-tagging-mobile solutions can be tailored to your company’s proof-of-presence requirements to improve safety, security and demonstrate complete compliance.

Trusted, Complete Solutions

A complete, integrated proof-of-presence solution – item serialisation software, RFID / NFC tagging, and iOS, Android mobile applications.

Works With COTS RFID, NFC Tags

Our cloud-based platform and mobile applications work with a wide-range of commerical off the shelf RFID and NFC tagging technologies.

Uncloneable Item Serialisation

Unique item serialisation capabilities ensure tags are un-cloneable so proof of presence is guaranteed. Demonstrate full compliance with requirements.

Configure, Customise, Standardise

User-configurable and ready for a wide-range of industries and site-specific proof-of-presence processes. Guide, enforce efficient routes.

Data-Driven Auditable e-Records

Electronic records of who attended to what, where, when, providing proof-of-physical-presence and assurance that proper process has been followed.

Better Data. Better Decisions.

Feed systems with real-world intelligence and insight. Better data integrity for improving service, safety, security, risk, compliance.


Improve Service, Safety, And Security. Achieve Proof Of Presence Auditability.

Leverage our deep expertise and cloud and mobile enterprise asset intelligence solutions for authenticating proof-of-physical-presence.