PLM & SLM Integration

Improve Configuration, Operation And Service Lifecycle Data And Decision-Making

Bridge the gap between EAM, ERM, PLM and SLM with a single point of truth. With our seamless integration solutions, organisations using Siemens Teamcenter PLM can now leverage the benefits of item serialisation, auto-ID and RFID, and mobile data collection, to provide richer, real-time data and complete traceability through design, manufacture, operation, servicing and end-of-life. Relegen is an accredited Siemens Teamcenter PLM Solutions Provider.

A Single Point Of Truth

A single, trusted, enterprise-wide point of truth. Eliminate EAM, ERM, PLM, SLM data silos. Improve data quality across asset-product-service lifecycles.

Item Serialisation

Leverage secure item serialisation for deeper insights, visibility and traceability into critical aspects of every product and part, at every stage in the lifecycle.

Leverage Auto-ID, RFID

Improve and innovate business processes. Extend Teamcenter ROI. Reduce costs, risks of integrating components from multiple suppliers.

Store, Share Documents

Associate design, configuration, operational asset documentation for their lifetime. Share with service agents and field staff via mobile apps.

Enterprise Mobility

Configure, deploy custom mobile workflow apps – without code. Improve field service. Eliminate the capture of data prone to error or duplication.

Risk-Based Decision-Making

Best-practice methodology to identify, assess, manage asset-related risks. Superior data quality for improving servicing, safety, risk, compliance.


Bridge The Data Gap Between EAM, PLM And SLM

Leverage our item serialisation solutions and proven enterprise integration expertise to improve PLM and SLM data and decision-making.

Relegen is an accredited Siemens Teamcenter PLM Solutions Provider.