Energy & Utilities

Energy And Utilities Industry Challenges

Today’s public utility organisations face greater challenges: aging assets, increasing security threats, growing customer demand, changing regulatory frameworks, tighter environmental controls, skills shortages and more. In response, they need to continually improve their services, innovate processes, identify efficiency gains, better utilise existing assets, integrate new technologies and manage rising costs. As the utility sector faces ever-shrinking revenue streams and the need to make better decisions about capital and operational project prioritisation, the relationship between asset management and risk management has never been more important.

Enterprise Intelligence Solutions For Energy And Utilities

Relegen’s proven enterprise asset and risk intelligence software, tagging and mobile products assist utilities to minimise risk and drive the performance of all their assets. Our patented applications and professional services can help utility organisations transform the way they manage their assets by improving the quality of data in their systems and insights for decision-making. These approaches will help utilities increase operational efficiency, decrease risk and ensure reliability of services at the lowest possible cost to customers.

Single, Real-Time
View Of Assets + Risks

Utility-wide asset visibility with related risks and critical controls. Unparalleled data quality with item-level serialisation.

Ensure Operational
Readiness & Performance

Detailed data tracking asset configuration, condition, warranties, inspections, servicing, certification and usage.

Equipment Loss

Reduce lost time and costs associated with lost or missing items, equipment retrieval and unnecessary capital purchases.

Cleaner, Faster
Inspections & Audits

Capture accurate data during asset inspections and audits using auto-ID, RFID and highly-configurable mobile applications.

Share Accurate
Asset Data

Share complete, accurate critical asset data with all stakeholders including field contractors for better decisions.

Track Equipment

Track the issue, transfer and receipt of tools to custodians and third-party contractors. Track asset relationships [e.g. Truck + equipment]

Increase Safety
& Security

Track asset servicing, replacement, hazardous materials, garment decontamination, respirator fit tests.

Mobile Workflow

Build highly-customised workflows for field processes, managing hazadous items or asset disposal.

Relegen’s enterprise asset and risk intelligence software and services helps utilities improve data integrity and decision-making.

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