Asset Tags & Readers

Complete, Integrated Auto-ID Solutions For Any Asset Type

Relegen is a leading provider of auto-ID and asset tagging solutions to Defence, mining, law enforcement and asset-intensive organisations. We support clients with an extensive range of barcode, RFID, NFC, DPM, RTLS, IoT / IIoT / IoA technologies, as well as readers, mobile hardware and accessories tailored to the needs of your project. Our assetDNA, item serialisation and relegenDNA Mobile data capture platforms are hardware-agnostic and support any tag, including multiple technologies at once.

An Extensive Portfolio Of Best-In-Class Asset Tagging Technologies

Our asset tags can be applied to any ‘thing’ to manage item uniqueness, location, chain-of-custody, operation, security, workflows, lifecycles and more. And, even if a tag is separated from an asset, integrated covert security means it can still be identified as your own. Whether your assets are big, small, mission-critical, mobile, linear, tangible, intangible, people, product and more, we deliver best-in-class solutions for all your asset identification and through-life needs. Our capabilities include:

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For all auto-ID, asset tagging, reader hardware, mobile data capture devices, and custom tag design and development inquiries:

Ruggedised, Industrial-Strength Readers And Data Capture Devices

Our platform has been purpose-built to withstand the environmental rigors of enterprise industrial applications so you can take the full power of assetDNA and riskDNA – to everywhere you need it.

RFID Sleds For Tablets & Mobiles

Extend the capabilities of your existing mobile devices.

Hand-Held RFID PDA’s

Including ruggedised, intrinsically-safe features and more.

Tablets, Laptops & Toughbooks

For taking all your asset + risk data – when you’re on-the-go.

Industrial Kiosks & Touchscreens

For reliable operations in harsh industrial environments.

Fixed Readers & Gantry Systems

For driving automation, productivity, operational efficiency.

Reader Accessories

Cradles, cords, power supplies, spare batteries and more.

Supporting Hardware

Relegen has extensive experience in the sourcing, supply and delivery of both commerical-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom hardware for your RFID-based systems and business applications including:

  • Sensors & Weighbridges
  • Antenna’s
  • Printers
  • COTS & Bespoke Hardware / Firmware
  • And other supporting infrastructure

Why Relegen Asset Tags, Readers & Devices?

Any Industry Application

Auto-ID solutions for Defence, aerospace, policing, emergency services, mining, manufacturing, supply, PPE, IT, waste & recycling, pressure vessels, people, healthcare, utilities and more.

Flexible, Agnostic Solutions

We are hardware-agnostic and vendor-independent meaning we can deliver the right tagging technology and reader hardware at the best price for your specific business application.


We can scope requirements, source, test, affix, and custom design tags to meet your project needs. Relegen also offers a range of professional services and flexible support options to accelerate your ROI.

Seamless Integration

All tagging and related-hardware products supplied by Relegen are fully-tested to work with our serialisation software & mobile apps so you can read/write tags and capture data, securely & easily.