Media Release: New Enterprise Asset Intelligence Cloud Platform

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 14 May, 2019 – Relegen, leading supplier of technology solutions to Defence and asset-intensive industries, is today announcing availability of the company’s enterprise asset intelligence technology solution – assetDNA – as a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) product on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This modern cloud platform delivers assetDNA deployments that accelerate time to productivity, are easier to manage and scale, offer the benefits of enterprise-wide asset visibility and traceability, at reduced IT overhead, cost and risk. The platform also has the delivery-model benefit of being able to push updates to users as they are released, keeping them at pace with technology innovation.

“Since inception, Relegen’s mission has been to develop best-in-class tools which improve the quality of asset data in primary business systems, and make this data accessible, and actionable, for everyone.” said Paul Bennett, Relegen’s Founder and Managing Director. “Every day we work to deliver on this promise with continued heavy investment in our technology products. And now, we are making the power of the assetDNA platform easily accessible to organisations ready to take advantage of the efficiency, high-availability, and collaborative capabilities of the cloud and enterprise mobility.”

Builds on a Proven Legacy

As pioneers with 20 years’ experience in asset data improvement, remote data capture and auto-ID, Relegen initially developed assetDNA as an easier way to create an accurate asset baseline for the Defence sector. Since these beginnings the system has evolved into a comprehensive, fully-integrated, item serialisation, tagging and mobile platform that enables organisations to create an enterprise-wide view of every asset, and trusted point of truth for attributes, custodians, operation, condition, events, histories, documents, and relationships, through-life. With the roll-out of the new cloud platform, assetDNA will cement its place an IoT-ready application at the forefront of the enterprise asset management and traceability solutions sector.

Leverages Enterprise Mobility

The new assetDNA cloud platform leverages the latest in enterprise mobility with a new iOS mobile application – relegenDNA Mobile – readily-available from the Apple App Store. relegenDNA Mobile is compatible with third-party hardware to facilitate the use of asset tagging and auto-ID technologies – RFID, Barcode, NFC, Cellular, GPS, IoT, RTLS – for secure identification, authentication, and rapid data capture in-the-field. Detailed information about relegenDNA Mobile will feature in a dedicated announcement shortly.

Extends Enterprise-Wide Asset Visibility

The new assetDNA cloud platform includes the ability to integrate with, and pass real-time data to, primary business information systems such as SAP, Siemens Teamcenter PLM, Personnel Access Control Systems, CMMS’s, Finance and more, to augment asset data with additional business context and extend enterprise-wide asset visibility.

Enables Collaboration For Continuous Data Improvement

The new assetDNA cloud platform offers online and offline access to accurate, complete and current data from anywhere, anytime, any device, for greater insight and better decision-making at the point of need. This also enables organisations to deploy assetDNA as a multi-agent collaborative platform to create a living asset data set – one that is the result of the contributions of all those involved in the management and sustainability of the asset through its life. What is more, the quality of the data will improve in value to the business over time. For mission-critical operations where assets travel through multiple locations, custodians, processes, complex servicing arrangements, and global supply chains, this is now a necessary capability.

“Demand for IoT-ready enterprise applications that connect physical assets with real-time insight is fast growing so the market is very excited about this release,” said Paul Bennett. “We are already helping existing customers take full advantage and look forward to helping new clients deploy the platform to improve decision-making and extend return on assets, at reduced cost and risk.”

Delivers New and Enhanced Functionality

This comprehensive assetDNA release also features a wealth of new and enhanced functionality including a new user interface, a powerful workflow management tool, enhanced geolocation tracking, point-in-time traceability and more. Detailed information about these capabilities will feature in a dedicated announcement shortly.

Evaluation and Availability

The assetDNA cloud platform is available immediately. Existing customers wishing to migrate to the assetDNA cloud platform should contact Relegen. Organisations seeking to investigate assetDNA can browse our evaluation resources, request a software demonstration, and contact us on +61 (0)2 9998 9000 or to discuss project requirements and a site trial. Further information on assetDNA can be found at

About Relegen Pty Ltd

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