Media Release: Relegen Launches No-Code iOS Mobile EAM App Builder For assetDNA Cloud

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 28 May, 2019 – Relegen, leading supplier of technology to Defence and asset-intensive industries, is announcing a brand-new capability for the just-launched assetDNA cloud platform – a no-code iOS app builder which enables organisations to rapidly build-and-deploy their own mobile EAM apps and reap the benefits of enterprise mobility, greater field productivity, and improved asset data capture integrity for decision support. Organisations can use the new agile relegenDNA Mobile capability to standardise and automate infield processes for: Discovery, Authentication, Audit, Track, Issue, Receipt, Transfer, Chain-Of-Custody, Proof-Of-Presence, Inspections, Rounds, Stocktake, Inventory, Service, Disposal and more.

“Relegen has been a pioneer of infield and remote data capture using hand-held devices since 2002 when we developed the first-ever mobile tool for physical asset audits and inspections on board Royal Australian Navy vessels,” said Paul Bennett, Relegen’s Founder and Managing Director. “The release of relegenDNA Mobile for iOS has leveraged this 17+ year mission-critical project experience to offer organisations a readily-accessible technology that will deliver a step-change improvement in the way they manage physical assets and operational risks.”

Build + Deploy Any Custom Mobile App 10x Faster – Without Code

The release of relegenDNA Mobile for the assetDNA cloud platform ushers in a new era of mobile enterprise asset management. Unlike one-size-fits-all apps that impose their own requirements or lock users into static forms, relegenDNA Mobile works with assetDNA’s Workflow Manager to enable organisations to easily build-and-deploy their own native iOS apps. Apps can be built in-house by non-technical personnel and deployed to users in-the-field on the very same day, without the time, cost, risk and complexity of a bespoke software development project.

Configure, Capture and Share Any Data, In Any Order, For Any Business Process

relegenDNA Mobile can be configured to capture and deploy any type of data to field mobile devices – text, numbers, times, dates, coordinates, images, documents, URL’s, videos, digital signatures and more – in any order, for any business purpose. Mobile data capture can also be made clean, consistent and efficient by configuring fields that allow end users to select options from a pre-set range such as drop-down lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, or other controls to improve data capture integrity for decision-support.

Incorporate Business Rules, Alerts and Authorisations in Mobile Workflows

relegenDNA Mobile enables organisations to build apps that enforce business rules, alerts and authorisations to improve asset security and safety. An example might be restricting the issuance of assets due for maintenance, or based on a requirement for training, certification or user’s role. Others might include the recording of a digital signature from a worker or witness to demonstrate chain-of-custody, proof-of-presence, or verify results from an inventory, stocktake, compliance or assurance check. Furthermore, the platform can be integrated with business systems such as HR, Purchase, Supply, Access Control, LMS, CMMS, and ERP systems such as SAP, to retrieve, pass and enforce user credentials in real-time.

Harness Features Built Into Mobile Devices To Improve Data Integrity and Asset Visibility

relegenDNA Mobile harnesses the power of features built into smartphones and tablets to automate data capture directly from the mobile device such as user credentials, geolocation, and date/time stamps. This capability can be used to provide accurate geolocation tracking when a tagged asset is scanned by the mobile device. In this scenario, the asset needs only be fitted with low-cost, readily-available passive RFID or barcode tag as opposed to expensive, power-hungry GPS or cellular tracking tags. Then, every time the tag is scanned, the geolocation of the asset is recorded by the device running relegenDNA Mobile. This enables near real-time visibility into an asset’s present, and past locations, and is a highly-useful way of making assets visible for demonstrating compliance, operational integrity, and chain-of-custody, with a data-driven digital audit trail.

Integrate With Linear Pro 7 Sled For Swift And Secure Auto-ID Scanning

relegenDNA Mobile has built-in integration for the durable, compact Linear Pro 7 scanner device for iPhone 6/6s/7 and 8. With its high-speed, accurate, reliable reads for a range of automatic identification (auto-ID) technologies such as barcodes and RFID, it enables organisations to convert existing smartphones and tablets into powerful handheld solutions for fast infield data capture and driving operational efficiencies.

Additional relegenDNA Mobile Capabilities

Additional features and functionality in relegenDNA Mobile for iOS also include:

  • Use or enhance upon pre-built workflow app templates or build your own custom workflow apps.
  • Display notifications, warnings, and alerts for prompting action, events, or when invalid data entered.
  • Utilise advanced features like automated asset geolocation data capture with every scan to enhance location insights through-time.
  • Capture digital e-signatures for due diligence, accountability and compliance.
  • Capture photos and visual evidence of safety hazards or items in need of attention or service.
  • Allocate DNA series (unique item-level identifiers) at any point in the asset lifecycle for secure identification and authentication, and ensuring enterprise-wide visibility and traceability.
  • Update asset information and operational status in-the-field.
  • Guide efficient routes for asset inspections and rounds to drive productivity and compliance.
  • Check-in / check-out assets to people and locations. Track chain-of-custody digitally.
  • Access asset images, documents, histories infield to ensure accurate identification and information is available at the point of need, event, inspection or service, for better decisions and action.
  • Secure role-based user permissions, login and lock-out functionality to safeguard data, and enable/disable privileges and restrictions easily.
  • Provides offline capability and full data access on local mobile devices, delivering rich asset intelligence to field workers always, regardless of whether an internet connection is available or not.
  • Data securely and accurately synchronises over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.
  • Works with enterprise mobile device management (MDM) systems including MobileIron.
  • Familiar, modern iOS app feel ensures ease-of-use, minimal training requirements and a superior UX

Evaluation and Availability

relegenDNA Mobile is available for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. The application has been purpose-built for Relegen’s new assetDNA enterprise asset intelligence cloud application. For more information contact Relegen and request an online software demo of the new assetDNA cloud and mobile-enabled platform.

About Relegen Pty Ltd

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