Media Release: Relegen Reveals Details of assetDNA Cloud and relegenDNA Mobile Releases

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 25 June, 2019 – Relegen, leading supplier of technology to Defence and asset-intensive industries, has released details about its intensive, multi-year R&D program to extend and enhance the capabilities of its enterprise asset intelligence technology platform and enable a new era of innovation, collaboration and enterprise mobility. This announcement follows the official launch of assetDNA Cloud and relegenDNA Mobile applications.

“Relegen constantly invests in the enrichment of our enterprise asset intelligence platform so it sits at the forefront of the serialisation, traceability, and asset lifecycle data management sectors,” said Paul Bennett, Relegen’s Founder and Managing Director. “All the new capability delivered with the release of assetDNA cloud and relegenDNA Mobile ensure our clients have the best-available technology to transform the way they track, measure and manage their assets and improve productivity, safety, security and compliance.”

New User Interface [UI] and User Experience [UX]

The first enhancement users will notice, is assetDNA’s modern user interface, characteristic of today’s web applications, and the introduction of intuitive, icon-driven menu bars which have been carefully designed for the contribution they make to the ease-of-use of the platform. Throughout the system many tools and actions have been refreshed and simplified to ensure the user experience is streamlined, consistent, efficient and responsive.

New Insights Into Workflow Manager

As communicated in a related announcement, assetDNA now includes a powerful Workflow Manager that enables organisations to build-and-deploy their own mobile apps – rapidly without code. This capability can play a central role in enabling organisations to create custom repeatable apps that collect the information they need about their assets, feed primary systems with real-time data, and reduce time between capture, analysis and action. Now, users can simply break down any business process into the data set that needs to be collected, and the order for the data capture to follow during routine works. The system then automates fast, clean and consistent infield data collection via relegenDNA Mobile. This capability can also be used to deploy information, such as asset history, photos, checklists, manuals and more, to operators, so accurate and timely data is available at point of need for faster, knowledge-driven decisions in-the-field.

New Point-In-Time Traceability

assetDNA’s serialisation capabilities provide the foundation for a new ability to instantly query an asset’s complete data set and operational state – such as location, description, condition, OEM, custodian, service event, or any other attribute – at a specific point in time via a date and time selection tool. This enables users to ‘slice’ an asset’s data profile to see what it was, where it was, what it was doing, who had custody of it, and any other attribute, at any point in its history. In doing so, organisations can retrieve an item-level snapshot and digital, highly-traceable, audit trail for demonstrating due diligence, operational integrity and proof-of-compliance.

New Ways To Track Asset Position + Paths Travelled On Google Maps

assetDNA now includes an Advanced Mapper Control tool to capture, associate and share asset position and location history via a visual chart function which utilises Google Maps. This capability can be highly-useful for directing field service operators to remote assets faster, and more accurately, as well as for managing mobile assets on the move. Advanced Mapper Control also enables users to enter a date-time range and view an assets geolocation history as a track on a map and retrace the path travelled through time. The last-verified asset location data can also be accessed from the relegenDNA Mobile application.

New Data Transformation Capabilities

assetDNA’s business-specific data transformation function has been enhanced to enable users to rapidly reconstruct asset attributes, groups, filters, and now asset hierarchy and relationship structure, for any business purpose. Once set-up, functional users can switch between different data representations, such as moving from a systems view to a maintenance, configuration, financial, or supply view. This allows for improved insight and action around asset maintenance programs, configuration management, logistics, depreciation and more. Asset data transformations are user-defined, so can be tailored to client requirements, meeting the demands of today’s multidisciplinary global operations.

New Robust Data Security Measures

With the new era of assetDNA as a cloud and mobile service, Relegen has rolled out a number of robust security measures to ensure strong protection of business data. This includes TLS data transfer encryption, Salted Hash SHA-512 password encryption, MobileIron compatibility, and automated audit logging which records every single user interaction and all state changes to the cloud and mobile applications.

New In-App Help System

assetDNA includes a new and comprehensive in-app help system developed using HTML5 to deliver a superior search and modern navigation experience. New features include predictive search, a comprehensive glossary for definitions and technical terms, and an interactive index and topic breadcrumb trail for easier navigation.

New Multi-Lingual Capabilities

assetDNA can now translate any text entered into a text field such as an asset description or last servicing information via a simple right-click. There are at least 14 language options available to support the needs of today’s global and diverse operations. System administrators can also set language preferences based on user roles and permissions, which will translate menus, labels and open text controls.

Evaluation and Availability

These new and enhanced features are immediately available on the new assetDNA Cloud platform. All new user subscriptions will be on the latest version and inclusive of these updates. Existing customers wishing to migrate to the new cloud and mobile-enabled platform should contact Relegen. Organisations seeking to evaluate assetDNA and relegenDNA Mobile can request a web-based software demonstration and following that, a site trial. Further information can be found at

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