Media Release: Relegen Expands Cloud Offerings with Roll Out Of Enterprise Risk Intelligence Platform

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 23 July, 2019 – Relegen, leading supplier of technology solutions to Defence and asset-intensive industries, is announcing an expansion of its new cloud and mobile-enabled platform with the roll out of riskDNA as a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) delivery model on Amazon Web Services (AWS). riskDNA equips organisations with a best-practice platform that follows a step-by-step repeatable methodology which produces superior insight into operational risk for better decision-making. With this new release, riskDNA cloud offers accelerated deployments at lower cost, complexity and risk.

“Relegen’s mission from day one has been to help customers unleash the power of data by connecting information from disparate sources and gathering insights from real-world assets and operational risks in-the-field,” said Paul Bennett, Relegen’s Founder and Managing Director. “The release of riskDNA for the cloud is another important step in our technology roadmap. It enables organisations to consolidate risk data silos, collaborate across distributed sites, and build a complete, enterprise-wide risk picture to drive better decision and action, in a highly-scalable and secure cloud environment.”

Built On a Proven Platform in Response to the Need for Greater Risk Visibility

The profile of enterprise risk intelligence is growing across all industry sectors in order to satisfy increasing regulatory, compliance and board assurance requirements, and widespread acknowledgement that traditional approaches are failing to deliver reliable results. With the release of riskDNA for the cloud, organisations can move away from a reliance on coarse, rough-estimate measurement tools like the risk matrix, to a comprehensive, highly-structured and semi-quantitative approach. riskDNA’s underlying technology is the same robust platform that powers Relegen’s assetDNA solution which has been providing enterprise asset intelligence across Defence and asset-intensive sectors for almost two decades.

Rigorously Developed In Partnership with Risk Industry Experts

riskDNA has been developed in-house by Relegen engineers in partnership with risk industry experts. It has also been commercially deployed by a range of business users and used extensively during risk assessment workshops. The product has been purpose-built to follow a 7-step risk management framework that aligns with ISO 31000. It helps organisations ask, answer and address issues such as:

  • What and where are all my risks? What are the biggest risks facing our organisation?
  • What are their threats and consequences? What is their real impact on the business?
  • What are the key controls? What’s their real and quantifiable impact on the risk? Are they healthy and effective in controlling the hazardand reducing the risk? Could they be better? What data do I need to collect to ensure they are adequate?
  • Can we measure each risk for better understanding where we should allocate organisational resources?
  • What are the follow-up risk improvement actions? Can we track their status through to closure?
  • Can we demonstrate to regulators that we have a structured, systematic, repeatable approach to the identification, assessment, prioritisation, control and communication of risk across our business?

Build + Deploy Custom Mobile ERM Apps 10x Faster – Without Code

riskDNA cloud integrates with Relegen’s new mobile application – relegenDNA Mobile – enabling organisations to build-once-and-deploy-to-many custom mobile enterprise risk management (mobile ERM) apps – rapidly and without code. Organisations can use this capability to standardise and automate infield processes such as Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Job Safety Environment Analysis (JSEA), Mobile Risk Assessments, Take 5 pre-task risk assessments and more. relegenDNA Mobile can also be used to improve the integrity of worksite data capture and deploy information to operators infield, such as checklists, questionnaires, materials handling guidelines, actions and important safety information, so accurate, timely data is available at point of need for knowledge-driven decision and action.

Delivers New and Enhanced Functionality to Improve Risk-Aware Decision-Making

riskDNA cloud strengthens the performance of its existing capabilities such as the ability to build an enterprise-wide risk register for any and every type of risk (physical hazards, financial, safety, security, supply, strategic, environmental, tangible, intangible and more), document threats and consequences for each unique risk, perform bowtie analysis and semi-quantified risk assessment (SQRA), measure the effectiveness of critical controls, and calculate accurate risk values which enable comparisons across the business. At the end of the multi-step process, the system can also produce ‘Key Control Data Sheets’ (KCDS) which define what ‘good’ looks like for the actions that are put in place to mitigate a risk, and which serve as an effective communication, engagement and assurance tool for all levels of the organisation.

Brand new functionality for riskDNA includes a refreshed user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to improve ease-of-use, a new in-app help system to accelerate time-to-productivity, multi-lingual capabilities to support the needs of today’s globally-diverse operations, and robust data security measures including TLS data transfer encryption, Salted Hash SHA-512 password encryption, MobileIron compatibility, and automated audit logging to ensure strong protection of enterprise risk data.

Evaluation and Availability

riskDNA cloud is available immediately. The new cloud platform also has the delivery-model benefit of being able to push updates to users as they are released, keeping customers at pace with technology innovation and enterprise risk management (ERM) industry best practice. riskDNA also integrates with Relegen’s assetDNA cloud solution for a powerful unified risk-based asset intelligence suite. Organisations seeking to investigate riskDNA can browse our evaluation resources, register to receive a riskDNA solution overview document, request a web-based software demonstration, and contact us to discuss project requirements and a site trial. Further information on riskDNA can be found at

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