Asset Lifecycle Management

Improve Integrity, Reliability With Real-Time Insights Across The Entire Asset Lifecycle

The challenge for asset-intensive organisations is to be able to pin point with accuracy: Where is the asset in its lifecycle? What is its history of use? What is its current condition in relation servicing needs and expected end-of -life? What is the value of the asset vs. the cost of maintenance? Are the right programs in place to optimally maintain the asset through-life? What are the asset’s related risks? What will be most effective in reducing them? Relegen’s enterprise asset and risk intelligence platform digitally tracks and records all asset events – delivering actionable decision support for improving asset integrity and reliability, reducing costs and risk, and optimising performance – through-life.

Integrated, Cloud-Based Solutions

An integrated, cloud-based software-tagging-mobile platform for managing all your assets. Works with primary systems to receive / deliver asset lifecycle data to all stakeholders.

Lifecycle Data Management

Manage every peice of data, about any asset, down to the item-level, through design, procurement, commissioning, operation, maintenance, replacement, recycle and disposal.

Document Management

Associate, store and share, design, engineering, drawings, user manuals, photos, procedures, workflows, safety, servicing documentation with assets, through-life.

Manage Whole-Of-Life Costs

Uncover new ways to reduce whole-of-life asset cost through operation, maintenance, replacement, renewal, recycle and disposal.

Automate + Deploy Mobile Workflows

User-configureable workflows for asset lifecycle stages such as acquisition, deployment, inspection, service, issue, receipt, replacement and disposal.

Better Data, Better Decisions

Through-life item-level visibility sets the stage for more efficient, enterprise-wide processes and better decisions at every stage of the asset lifecycle.


Improve Asset Integrity And Lifecycle Management With Our Data Improvement Solutions

Leverage our proven expertise helping Defence and industry and transform the way you manage all your assets through-life.