Asset Inspections & Rounds

Automate Asset Inspections And Rounds With Our Proven Technology Solutions

Historically, asset inspection programs have been repetitive, resource-consuming, manual processes. Critical asset data from these activities may be locked away in disconnected siloes or paper-based records that are incomplete and out-of-date, exposing organisations to significant risk – unable to make smart decisions about individual assets, and unable see the big picture across the entire enterprise-wide asset base. Relegen’s enterprise asset intelligence technology platform can be put to work to automate the collection of accurate asset data [in real-time] and drive consistent, repeatable, standardised processes – so organisations can maximise asset availability and lifespan, and ultimately improve decision making.

Integrated Technology Solutions

Integrated, infinitely configurable serialisation software, taggingmobile solutions for inspections and rounds. Developed by asset management experts. Used by Defence and industry.

Improved Productivity

Guide and enforce frontline operations staff on efficient inspection routes. Fast electronic form-driven mobile data collection. Eliminate manual, error-prone data entry processes.

Mobile Asset Inspection Workflows

Swiftly build custom inspection mobile data capture forms. Enable field staff to access historical condition, previous work orders, operating manuals, take photo’s and more – in the field.

Real-Time Alerts, Dashboards, Reports

Flag when scheduled maintenance or inspections are due or when values fall outside normal range. Real-time field data is immediately available for analysis and action.

Better Data, Better Decisions.

Feed primary systems with quality data. Give stakeholders a ‘single point of truth’ and enterprise-wide view – the foundation for improving performance across asset-intensive operations.

Data Driven Audit Trails

Auditable trails of who inspected what asset, where and when. Provides assurance that data has been collected by appropriate personnel for improving compliance.


Improve Your Operations With Our Cloud And Mobile-Ready Asset Inspection Solutions

Give your operators the tools they need to ensure safe and efficient asset operations in the field – and better data for better decision-making.