Chain Of Custody

Improve Security, Transparency And Compliance With Digital Chain-Of-Custody Solutions

For industries like Defence, policing, border security, emergency services, pharmaceutical, hospitals and healthcare, maintaining correct, current, complete chain of custody data for evidence, armoury items, lab samples, blood products and patient care supplies has always been critical. Today, however, all organisations across the board are being made accountable for IT and e-waste asset disposal processes. This is where Relegen’s item serialisation technology and enterprise asset intelligence platform steps in to provide for safe and secure transactions and enterprise-wide traceability.

Configurable Cloud-Based Solutions

Integrated software-tagging-mobile solutions for digital chain of custody. Deploy in cloud for multi-agent access. Developed by asset management experts. Used by Defence and industry.

Track Chain-Of-Custody Through-Life

Track the movement, issue, receipt of assets – weapons, evidence, IT, medical devices, documents, and more – through the hands of multiple stakeholders, for a lifetime, using secure item serialisation.

Automate Processes With RFID, Mobility

Replace error-prone manual and paper based systems. Capture highly-accurate and consistent chain of custody data using Auto-ID, barcode, RFID and user-configurable mobile applications.

Secure Asset Check In And Out

Know who has had what assets when. See where all your assets are at all times. Authorise issue, transfer, receipt and access to assets commensurate with personnel training and authority.

Reduce Risks, Improve Compliance

Display warnings and alerts to enforce procedure, ensure safe-handling and security. Trace evidence from police to courts, samples from patients to labs, and doses from pharmacies to patients.

Data-Driven Audit Trails

Ensure integrity of electronic records with automated event recording to demonstrate compliance that assets have been handled properly and never fell into the wrong hands at any time.


Automated And Secure Chain Of Custody Solutions

Leverage our item serialisation expertise and proven track record helping Defence and law enforcement improve chain-of-custody and compliance.