Policing, Border Security

Policing, Border Protection & Security Industry Challenges

Nowhere is the need for tight, auditable and streamlined control of mission-critical assets, and the management of operational risk, more evident than in agencies responsible for law enforcement, policing, corrections, intelligence and border security.

Enterprise Intelligence Solutions For Law Enforcement

Relegen’s proven enterprise asset and risk intelligence technology and services can be put to work for a variety of use cases across the law enforcement and security industry sector, from armoury inventory management to evidence tracking, and more.

A Single
Point of Truth

Better asset and risk data for smarter, faster decision-making.

Agency-wide Visibility Of
Assets & Risks

With unparalleled data quality and item-level granularity


Data-driven audit trails for tracking evidence and the issue of weapons.

Cleaner, Faster Audits & Compliance Checks

For issue, receipt, transfer, inventory and compliance checks.

Manage Asset Lifecycles,
History Of Use

Track items through acquisition, supply, operation, service and disposal.

Control Authorised Access
& Certification

Authorise issuance and access, commensurate with training and authority

Leverage Auto-ID, RFID
& Mobile Data Capture

For item identification, authentication and cleaner infield data capture.

Improved Armoury
Inventory Management

Know what you have, where it is, who has it, when it’s due back.