Continuous Data Improvement

Collaborative, Cloud-Based Solutions For Continuous Asset Data Improvement

Relegen’s integrated software-tagging-mobile solutions can be hosted in the cloud to enable seamless multi-agent access so that asset owners, operators, OEM’s, suppliers and service agents can collaborate on, and most importantly, contribute to asset data profiles as they interact with them in the real-world, during routine business. In doing so, enterprise asset data will continually improve in quality – currency, completeness, consistency – and value over time.

Improve Data As Business Occurs

Stakeholders, service agents add to asset lifecycle data – condition, operation, service – via asset tags and mobile apps as business occurs.

Secure Item Serialisation & Data Management Platform

Ensures captured asset and risk data is accurately associated and effectively managed – through life.

User-Configurable Mobile Apps

Ready-to-use mobile applications for for iOS, Android and MS Windows Tablets for fast, accurate, timely capture of field data straight from the source.

Open, Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Purpose-built for connecting key business systems and creating a single, central repository for all stakeholders.

Improve Operations

Automate data collection utilising existing resources. Guide + replicate efficient processes. Better data for technical integrity management.

Better Data, Better Decisions

Build capabilities for asset and risk intelligence as part of routine operations and as business occurs.


Collaborate In The Cloud And Drive Continuous Data Improvement

To discuss the ways Relegen technology can be put to work accross your business to improve enterprise data and decision-making…