Infrastructure Industry Challenges

With ever-growing numbers of buildings, facilities and infrastructure assets and declining availability of maintenance funds, builders, owners and operators must become smarter about the management of these assets. This is amplified for enterprises with multiple facilities. They must expertly juggle disjointed systems, maintenance and emergency repairs at the same time as finding new ways to reduce energy consumption and meet increasingly stringent compliance and environmental requirements.

Enterprise Intelligence Solutions for Infrastructure

Relegen’s proven enterprise asset and risk intelligence capabilities underpin the development of a smarter and more sustainable approach to the management of building and infrastructure assets both in the construction phase and during the asset’s operating life. It delivers the intelligence needed for better, data-driven decisions which improve asset utilisation, reduce risk and cost, and extend the working life of facilities, plants, and equipment.

Asset Visibility

Multi-site, facility-wide visibility of all assets and risks with unparalleled item-level granularity.

Make Better
Risk-Aware Decisions

Make better decisions about the prioritisation of upgrades versus new capital works projects.

Reduce & Control
Infrastructure Costs

Extend the life of infrastructure, facilities, plant and equipment. Simplify acquisition, depreciation and renewal of assets.

Manage Infrastructure
Asset Lifecycles

Manage assets through-life – development, acquisition, commissioning, maintenance, upgrades and end-of-life.

Accurate Asset
Data Management

Capturing and share real-time asset data. Provide secure collaborative data access to multiple parties.

Track Tools & Equipment
With Auto-ID, RFID

Track the issue and receipt of assets to custodians and third-party contractors. Reduce missing/lost/stolen assets.


Avoid unnecessary repair costs by tracking procurement and warranty data accurately.

Asset Records &
Document Management

Secure all asset information centrally. Track document version and field change history.

Make better decisions about preventative maintenance regimes, reduced energy usage, inventory management, and risk management strategies – all of which helps to keep costs down over the longer term – with Relegen’s enterprise asset and risk intelligence technology.

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