relegenDNA Mobile

  • Mobile Workflow & Data Capture App
  • Easy To Use + Deploy
  • iOS
  • Android
  • MS Windows Tablets

Build Your Own Mobile Apps. Deploy To Any Device. No Coding Required.

relegenDNA Mobile enables organisations to track and manage physical assets and operational risks in-the-field using smartphones. Designed to work with Relegen’s assetDNA and riskDNA cloud software, relegenDNA Mobile is used to rapidly configure and deploy apps for any business process – no programming required.
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Use relegenDNA Mobile to swiftly configure and deploy mobile data capture apps for:

  • Audit
  • Discovery
  • Issue
  • Receipt
  • Transfer
  • Inspection
  • Rounds
  • Stocktake
  • Inventory
  • Service
  • Work Orders
  • JSA / JSEA
  • Job Safety Checklists
  • Auto-ID Tag Read / Write
  • Personal Risk Assessments
  • And More

Explore The Benefits of relegenDNA Mobile

Rapid. Easy-To-Use. Powerful.

Improve Business Data Quality

Capture accurate and timely data – straight from the source.

Increase Field Productivity

Right information at point of event, asset inspection or service.

Replicate Best-Practice Quickly

Automate inspections & rounds. Guide efficient routes. Faster audits.

Form-Driven Data Capture

Minimise data entry errors. Produce a consistent standard.

Knowledge-Driven Field Decisions

Instant access to critical information for better decisions in the field.

Improved Safety & Security

Deploy warnings or alerts to users. Access safety data on-the-spot.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Data-driven audit trails. Record field changes. Track chain-of-custody.

Innovate Your Operations

Utilising better data for smarter, faster business decisions.

High Performance Features To Empower Your Field Operations

  • Configure Unlimited Mobile Apps – Without Code!

    Powerful intuitive mobile app builder for developing simple or complex forms to capture specific data sets – or whatever you need.

  • Wide Mobile Platform Support

    Available for Android devices, Apple iOS, MS Windows Tablets. Additional devices are supported by HTML5.

  • Comprehensive Multi-Lingual Support

    Extensive, flexible multi-lingual support for both browser and mobile applications to support today’s agile, global diverse enterprises.

  • Display Notifications, Warnings Or Alerts To Users

    Show alerts/success/warnings to users, prompting action or notifying them of an event. Display errors if invalid data is entered in a field.

  • Guide Routes For Inspections And Rounds

    Configure efficient inspection routes for field staff to drive productivity and compliance. Improve procedures. Replicate best practice.

  • Capture Infield Data – Straight From The Source

    Feed accurate, near-real-time data, captured electronically from real-world assets and risks in the field, to decision-makers.

  • Capture, Associate & Access Photo’s On-The-Go

    Access photo’s infield to identify assets quickly and easily. Capture visual evidence of safety hazards or items in need of servicing.

  • Read-Write Barcode & RFID Tags

    Configure & deploy barcode and RFID-enabled applications for identification, data capture and management of assets in the field.

  • Access Documents

    Make available documents such checklists, forms, test certificates, warranty information, user manuals and more – in the field.

  • Check Equipment History In The Field

    Eliminate the stress that trial and error puts on equipment, minimise downtime and take action with greater confidence.

  • Track Issue, Receipt, Chain-Of-Custody

    Replace paper-based systems. Manage the allocation of assets to custodians electronically. Automatic data-driven audit trails.

  • Build Mobile Forms With Digital Signatures

    Easily incorporate fields to capture the signatures of personnel in the field to ensure due diligence, accountability and compliance.

  • Works with assetDNA & riskDNA Online & Offline

    relegenDNA Mobile forms do not require an internet service to be completed. Data can be synchronised when back online/over Wi-Fi.

  • Robust Role-Based Permissions

    Give privileges and enable restrictions easily. Make fields editable, read-only, or hidden. Safeguard your data and ensure accountability.

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Why relegenDNA Mobile?

Streamline the collection and sharing of data with your teams in the field, and across the enterprise – swiftly and easily.