relegenDNA Mobile

  • Mobile Workflow App Builder
  • Easy To Use + Deploy
  • iOS
  • Android
  • MS Windows Tablets

Build Your Own Mobile Apps. Deploy To Any Device. No Coding Required.

relegenDNA Mobile is an easy-to-use, highly-configurable enterprise mobile workflow app that leverages both asset and risk data.
Use it to define what data to capture, in what order, add notes, and deploy to your organisation’s mobile devices
– no programming required.

Use relegenDNA Mobile to swiftly configure and deploy mobile data capture apps for:

  • Audit
  • Discovery
  • Issue
  • Receipt
  • Transfer
  • Inspection
  • Rounds
  • Stocktake
  • Service
  • Work Orders
  • JSA / JSEA
  • Job Safety Checklists
  • DNA Tag Read / Write
  • Personal Risk Assessments
  • And More

Explore The Benefits of relegenDNA Mobile

Rapid. Easy-To-Use. Powerful.

Improve Business Data Quality

Capture accurate and timely data – straight from the source.

Increase Field Productivity

Right information at point of event, asset inspection or service.

Replicate Best-Practice Quickly

Automate inspections & rounds. Guide efficient routes. Faster audits.

Form-Driven Data Capture

Minimise data entry errors. Produce a consistent standard.

Knowledge-Driven Field Decisions

Instant access to critical information for better decisions in the field.

Improved Safety & Security

Deploy warnings or alerts to users. Access safety data on-the-spot.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Data-driven audit trails. Record field changes. Track chain-of-custody.

Innovate Your Operations

Utilising better data for smarter, faster business decisions.

High Performance Features To Empower Your Field Operations

  • Configure Unlimited Mobile Apps – Without Code!

    Powerful intuitive mobile app builder for developing simple or complex forms to capture specific data sets – or whatever you need.

  • Wide Mobile Platform Support

    Available for Android devices, Apple iOS, MS Windows Tablets. Additional devices are supported by HTML5.

  • Comprehensive Multi-Lingual Support

    Extensive, flexible multi-lingual support for both browser and mobile applications to support today’s agile, global diverse enterprises.

  • Display Notifications, Warnings Or Alerts To Users

    Show alerts/success/warnings to users, prompting action or notifying them of an event. Display errors if invalid data is entered in a field.

  • Guide Routes For Inspections And Rounds

    Configure efficient inspection routes for field staff to drive productivity and compliance. Improve procedures. Replicate best practice.

  • Capture Infield Data – Straight From The Source

    Feed accurate, near-real-time data, captured electronically from real-world assets and risks in the field, to decision-makers.

  • Capture, Associate & Access Photo’s On-The-Go

    Access photo’s infield to identify assets quickly and easily. Capture visual evidence of safety hazards or items in need of servicing.

  • Read-Write Barcode & RFID Tags

    Configure & deploy barcode and RFID-enabled applications for identification, data capture and management of assets in the field.

  • Access Documents

    Make available documents such checklists, forms, test certificates, warranty information, user manuals and more – in the field.

  • Check Equipment History In The Field

    Eliminate the stress that trial and error puts on equipment, minimise downtime and take action with greater confidence.

  • Track Issue, Receipt, Chain-Of-Custody

    Replace paper-based systems. Manage the allocation of assets to custodians electronically. Automatic data-driven audit trails.

  • Build Mobile Forms With Digital Signatures

    Easily incorporate fields to capture the signatures of personnel in the field to ensure due diligence, accountability and compliance.

  • Works with assetDNA & riskDNA Online & Offline

    relegenDNA Mobile forms do not require an internet service to be completed. Data can be synchronised when back online/over Wi-Fi.

  • Robust Role-Based Permissions

    Give privileges and enable restrictions easily. Make fields editable, read-only, or hidden. Safeguard your data and ensure accountability.

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Why relegenDNA Mobile?

Streamline the collection and sharing of data with your teams in the field, and across the enterprise – swiftly and easily.