Defence Services

A Trusted Partner To The Australian Defence Force

Relegen has a proven track record of successfully delivering people and technology-based solutions for the Australian Defence Force since 2000. We work across all services: Army, Air Force, and the Navy – a role where our extensive engineering know-how, and asset and risk intelligence capabilities, are addressing some of the most complex issues facing the Defence sector today and into the future.

Defence Panels And Accreditations

To learn more about Relegen Defence Services and explore the ways our enterprise asset and risk intelligence technology can help Defence organisations gain force-wide visibility of assets and risk, improve technical integrity and compliance:

Our Capabilities + Specialist Services For Defence Organisations

Asset Discovery, Audits & Tagging

Let us help you gain control of your assets with our extensive experience asset discovery, auditing and tagging experience.

Asset Management & EAM Services

We have the people, processes, technology and experience to help Defence organisations improve asset management.

Risk Assessment & ERM Services

Our risk services are wide-ranging from risk and control assessments, risk and safety auditing, and workshop training.

Data Alignment & Improvement

Our unique platform improves data quality across Defence systems – the foundation for technical asset integrity.

IT/ICT & Software Applications Development

We have a proven track record of developing custom software applications for Defence.

EAM-ERM-PLM System Integration Services

We can connect legacy Defence systems to extract greater insight, advantage and extend ROI.

Engineering, Logistics, Project Management

We can supply a wide range of project management, logistics, engineering support to Defence.

Documentation, Training & Project Support

Demonstrated experience in developing technical, operational, procedural documentation.

Why Partner With Relegen Defence Services?

Right Expertise For The Job

Our people are qualified engineers, IT & ICT, project managers and subject matter experts experienced complex Defence systems.

Extensive Defence Network

Relegen senior management has Defence force background and experience and we have a deep, extensive engineering network.

Security-Cleared Personnel

We specialise in the placement of trusted, security-cleared personnel for short or long term contracts and projects.