Product Update | relegenDNA Mobile (iOS)

Relegen has today released an updated version of its new relegenDNA Mobile iOS application which is now available for download from the Apple App Store. You can read the original product announcement regarding the launch of relegenDNA Mobile here.

This latest update for relegenDNA Mobile (v3.0.31) delivers over 30 fixes, security updates, performance enhancements and new features to the app’s core technologies and capabilities.

It also includes a number of enhancements suggested by our clients who are already actively using relegenDNA Mobile to improve their operations.

This update includes:

  • New ability to scan 1D and 2D barcodes using the iOS device’s built-in camera
  • New ability to scan QR Codes using the iOS device’s built-in camera
  • New ability to enable users to configure mobile workflows and data capture forms with attributes (i.e. fields) such as ‘Questions’, ‘Audio Recording’, ‘Email’ and ‘Web Link’ control types
  • New ability to return the actual address text of the geolocation of the iOS device.
  • New ability to configure a ‘Voice Recorder’ Attribute and load Attribute Value and Volume in a relegenDNA Mobile workflow
  • Ability to drop a pin on Google Maps from within the relegenDNA Mobile application. This is useful to record attributes such as an asset’s location.
  • Added new attribute control types including a ‘Decimal Converter’ and ‘Matrix Grid’ – the latter of which is useful for conducting rapid risk assessments for fast identification of risk or safety items needing further attention or analysis. Matrix Grids can be user-configured to have different rows, columns and values.
  • New ability to configure On-Scan Pop-ups to display Information Attributes after an auto-ID tag scan
  • Added new functions to Workflow Formulas
  • Enhanced Grid controls functionality
  • Enhanced List Control Block functionality
  • Various mobile workflow performance enhancements
  • General app-wide efficiency and performance enhancements

For more information on this release, including full software release notes, users can log into Relegen’s online support portal. Please email if you require assistance setting up an account.