See The Bigger Picture With Mobile Data Capture

Mobile enterprise asset management systems enhance field productivity. But does mobile data capture from anywhere, anytime, any device offer up an even greater prize?

Industry leading companies are 2.5 times more likely to integrate mobile technology with enterprise asset management; according to the Aberdeen Group’s research into manufacturing organisations. But what benefits are these organisations experiencing? And how can you leverage them across your organisation?

The most obvious benefit from mobile EAM implementations are increases in the efficiency of field operations. Equipping operators with hand-held devices eliminates error-prone, time-consuming, paper-based work orders and enables employees to locate assets, collect data, conduct audits and undertake inspections more efficiently. RFID’s or barcodes can be affixed to virtually any ‘thing’ so relevant information is accessible on-the-spot, simply by scanning the asset tags. The flow-on effects are real-time visibility of asset conditions, better operational decision-making and improvements in asset integrity management.

For example; with a similar system, Boeing reported reduced inspection times of oxygen generators on 777 aircraft by 90% from 6.5 hours to just 15 minutes. The company was also able to reduce inventory by 75% and extended product lifecycles by 20%. They can now use this as a USP to potential buyers of this aircraft.

Mobile applications can also improve safety by enforcing ‘Take 5’ and other risk assessment systems into workflows. What is more, there will always be an electronic record of these activities, making it easy to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Beyond these mostly local benefits however, is the potential for much greater gains.

With the advent of cloud-based architectures and the proliferation of mobile devices, there is the potential to accelerate the capture of real-world asset data, not only by field workforces, but by any mobile device, and deliver this information to enterprise applications. This approach permits those with the appropriate permissions – employees, partners, suppliers, service providers, even customers – to collect, share and use asset data, anywhere, anytime. And, as these people access enriched asset data, and continue to contribute to it, the value of enterprise asset information, or asset intelligence as we like to call it, grows significantly over time, so too the quality of decision-making.

Our assetDNA enterprise asset intelligence technology solution features a ready-to-use mobile application that not only aids productivity, but increases the quality of corporate asset information to support better strategic and operational decision making at all levels of the enterprise. If your organisation is interested in learning more, contact Relegen via +61 (0)2 9998 9990 or