Media Release: Relegen Expands Asset ID Solutions With Direct Part Marking Capabilities

Direct part marking to offer enhanced tamper-resistance and traceability for lifetime asset data management…

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 27 AUGUST, 2013 – Relegen, a leading supplier of people and asset intelligence technology solutions to Defence, government, mining and industry, today announced new in-house capabilities for permanent direct part marking of assets, items and components.

Relegen sources and supplies a wide range of asset tagging and identification systems [assetDNA IDs] such as barcodes, HF & UHF RFIDs, covert security identifiers, as well as its own patented multi-layered solution. And now, with new in-house dot peen marking capability, Relegen can offer ‘pin stamping’, as a fully-integrated asset identification system for users of its asset intelligence software technology, assetDNA.

Pin stamping is a permanent direct part marking [DPM] process used to engrave unique identifiers directly onto items or surfaces, such as plastics and metals. This eliminates the risk of a tag or label detaching as a result of tampering or wear and tear. Also, because the identifier remains with the asset or component throughout its lifetime, it provides authentic asset identification and total asset lifecycle traceability from manufacturing to disposal.

Most applications suitable for DPM will use a unique 2D DataMatrix barcode as the identifier because they can hold more data in much less space. This enables small-scale items that are difficult to label, or assets that are exposed to harsh environments, to be uniquely identified. These codes also provide a high degree of redundancy so that even if they are partially scratched or damaged they can still be read with the assetDNA mobile application.

DPM benefits include reliable and permanent lifetime asset identification and verification, increased tamper resistance, remote access to asset information and best practice traceability for assets throughout their lifecycle.

Furthermore, because the DataMatrix codes created by Relegen’s pin stamper are seamlessly integrated with assetDNA software, it enables users with appropriate permissions to access all associated information about the asset, item or component – design specs, configuration information, pedigree history, servicing, safe handling, inspection workflows and more – on the spot.

Early DPM adopters include the automotive industry, the Defence industry [For example, the US Department of Defense already mandates that certain items must have permanent direct part marks as they enter the supply chain], the aerospace and automotive industries, and the medical devices industry.

“In our 12+ years’ experience, we’ve developed many innovative solutions that have helped Defence, law enforcement, mining and industry solve their asset identification challenges, so we are pleased to now also offer direct part marking.” said Paul Bennett, Relegen Managing Director. “In addition to these in-house capabilities, our assetDNA software is ‘vendor-neutral’ and able to work with a wide range of tags from leading manufacturers, ensuring our clients receive the right tagging solution at the right price for each project requirement.