Media Release: Relegen Announces Asset Management Industry’s First Rapid Deployment Solution With The ‘assetDNA Pilot Kit’

New out-of-the-box offering provides an easier, faster, reduced risk path to implementation…

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 18 JULY, 2013 – Relegen, a leading supplier of people and technology-based solutions to asset-intensive industries, today announced the general availability of a new innovative out-of-the-box solution – the assetDNA Pilot Kit.

Developed by engineers and asset management specialists, assetDNA is an asset intelligence technology solution used by Defence, Customs, mining, manufacturing, and other asset-intensive organisations, to improve the quality of asset data and facilitate better strategic and operational decision making. It does this by bringing together disparate asset data into a single unified view and integrating it with real-time insights to deliver a single point of truth for enterprise-wide asset information.

assetDNA’s new offering has been engineered to provide an easier, faster, reduced risk implementation experience. It assembles everything organisations need to get started – software, tags, a mobile app pre-installed on a hand-held computer, documentation and deployment services – in a ruggedised mobile carry case, at an affordable price.

Unlike consultant-intensive feasibility studies or lengthy implementation programs that can take months and more, the assetDNA Pilot Kit reduces the costs and complexities typically associated with software implementations and enables organisations to get up and running within a few days.

“One of the most attractive things about assetDNA is that it extends investment in corporate information by improving the quality of asset data, all without having to rip-out-and-retry.” said Paul Bennett, Managing Director, Relegen. “We’ve received strong interest in the assetDNA Pilot Kit with a number of early adopters using the kit to tackle a local issue and now planning to replicate their success with a larger-scale roll out across their organisation.”

assetDNA’s capabilities are applied by users in a variety of ways including unique asset and component identification, asset lifecycle management, automating inspections, check in check out, tracking location, movement, transfers, storage and sharing of asset documentation and photographs as well as setting up due date controls, database triggers and email alerts, ensuring no compliance or routine works slip through the cracks.

assetDNA Pilot Kit Inclusions

Relegen’s new out-of-the-box product offering includes:

  • Easy-to-use assetDNA software solution – fully-functional single user-license
  • Smart assetDNA IDs – a unique patent-pending asset tagging system with a globally unique number series and which integrate RFIDs, Barcodes and microdots
  • Ready-to-use assetDNA mobile EAM application for capturing field data
  • A rugged, RFID hand-held PDA with the assetDNA mobile app pre-installed
  • PDA accessories including a spare battery for extended asset inspections or audits
  • User documentation
  • Rapid-deployment implementation services
  • 12 months software updates and technical support
  • Ruggedised, waterproof mobile case

Pricing and Availability

The assetDNA Pilot Kit is available immediately. Pricing starts at AU$18,000 for the kit [which includes software maintenance and technical support for year 1] and AU$3,000 per year from year 2 for software maintenance and support. Contact Relegen on +61 (0)2 9998 9000 or to request a product datasheet and free online software demonstration.