Managing High Risk Armoury Assets

Six benefits of asset intelligence software and RFID asset tracking for armoury management

Managing security around high-risk assets is of increasing importance for many industries. None more so than for organisations operating in Defence, law enforcement, corrections, intelligence and those responsible for border management, customs and civil emergencies. It is critical these operations have tight, auditable controls for managing weapons and personal defence equipment (PDE). It is also vital that communities have complete confidence in their security and protection agencies.

Many operations are turning to asset intelligence software and RFID asset tracking systems to improve the management of their armouries. With this in mind, here are six benefits to consider:

1. Accurate, auditable procedures for asset check in check out

  • Improved control of assets and chain-of-custody tracking using unique identifiers for items and officers.
  • Electronic (paperless!) audit trails for procedures around the issuance and transfer of weapons.
  • Prevention of unauthorised access to restricted areas.

2. Issue weapons and PDE commensurate with training & authority

  • Ensures the authority to issue items is only by those selected, trained and accredited for that role.
  • Ensures items are only issued to officers who are authorised & trained in a specific class of weapon.
  • Maintains a register of rounds fired and by whom.

3. Asset lifecycle management for weapons and components

  • Easy parts management for weapon components that need to be identified and managed uniquely.
  • Improved item visibility throughout commissioning, operation, repair, replacement and disposal.
  • Document management for manufacturers, warranties, servicing history, inspection and certification.

4. Increased productivity for staff managing armouries and performing audits

  • Increased productivity of staff managing large inventories.
  • Cleaner, faster, physical asset audits.
  • Improved productivity and automated, high-quality data capture with barcode or RFID scanning.

5. Improved safety and security

  • Ensures officers are always issued correct equipment and it is in proper working order.
  • Improved security with covert proof of ownership and earlier detection of missing weapons.
  • Automated alerts and notifications for expiring authorisations, stock levels, overdue items and more.

6. Real-time reporting for better decision making

  • Gain a real-time view of all assets in fixed and mobile armouries and in the custody of officers.
  • Facilitates faster, smarter decision making based on timely, trusted data.
  • Accurate reporting for investigation support, managing risk and meeting compliance.

Asset intelligence software and RFID asset tracking technology, originally developed for the Australian Defence Force, is now also use by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection and you can read the case study here.

If your organisation is considering an RFID-based system for improving armoury management and would like to learn more about assetDNA, then contact Relegen today on +61 (0)2 9998 9000.