We’re A Finalist In The 2015 MAL Industry Innovation Awards!

We were very excited to learn that our assetDNA technology solution has been named a finalist in the Pacific 2015 Maritime Australia Limited [MAL] Industry Innovation Awards.

Our finalist placing was based on an asset intelligence technology-based project we undertook for the Royal Australian Navy’s [RAN] new Landing Helicopter Dock’s [LHD], where our asset intelligence solution – assetDNA – is providing a new automated means of capturing real-time operational data from asset inspection rounds and watch-keeping programs.

So here’s a quick run-down of the project!

In a nutshell, the solution leverages the power of auto-ID and mobile technology to enable ship staff to collect, store, analyse and report on the condition and state of operational assets – electronically.

As part of the implementation, ruggedised, high-visibility barcode tags were pre-coded with a global unique identifier [GUID] and attached to all items checked during rounds. Compartment locations were also tagged with a pre-coded HF RFID to provide proof-of-physical-presence.

Instead of labour-intensive paper-based running machinery records, ship staff will carry a hand-held reader or PDA to scan these asset tags and collect data from on-board systems during rounds.

Field data capture is then automatically synced with the central assetDNA database providing a single point of truth and a real-time, vessel-wide view of all operational asset intelligence.

Technicians in the field will also have access to the right data at the right time in order to resolve issues faster. Additionally, increased productivity from electronic data collection will free up on-board resources for other mission-critical tasks.

The ultimate objective is to empower ship staff to make smarter decisions, such as planning for maintenance based on asset condition/usage rather than time elapsed. Quality data fed into primary systems also provides ship stakeholders with a ‘single point of truth’ and vessel-wide view – the necessary foundation which underpins ship operations and technical seaworthiness.

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assetDNA gives organisations a ready-infrastructure for managing assets more productively, safely and securely, and, more cost-effectively. If you would like to learn more about this implementation and how it could be put to work to improve asset inspections across your organisation, please reach out to us here at Relegen on +61 (0)2 9998 9000 or via sales@relegen.com