Media Release: assetDNA A Finalist In The Prestigious 2015 Maritime Australia Limited Industry Innovation Awards

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 15 SEPTEMBER 2015 – Relegen, a leading supplier of professional services and enterprise intelligence technology to Defence, maritime, law enforcement, mining and asset-intensive industries, today announced that its assetDNA technology solution has been named a finalist in the Pacific 2015 Maritime Australia Limited Industry Innovation Awards.

Relegen has been selected for its innovative asset intelligence technology-based project undertaken for the Royal Australian Navy’s new Canberra Class Amphibious Assault Ship, also known as the Landing Helicopter Dock [LHD]. The novel assetDNA project provided a new automated means of capturing real-time operational data from on board asset inspection rounds and watch-keeping programs.

assetDNA is a comprehensive software-tagging-mobile solution which enables ship staff to collect, store, analyse and report on the condition and state of operational assets. The system leverages the power of auto-ID and mobile technology to improve the productivity of rounds and watch-keeping. Instead of paper-based methods, ships staff use assetDNA’s intuitive mobile app and ruggedised, high-vis barcodes and HF RFIDs, to collect data electronically from assets and compartments.

The ultimate objective is to empower ship staff to make smarter decisions, such as directing maintenance based on asset condition/usage rather than time elapsed. Quality data fed into primary systems also provides ship stakeholders with a ‘single point of truth’ and vessel-wide view – underpinning ship operations and technical seaworthiness.

A total of 10 Australian innovators have been shortlisted for the prestigious Maritime Australia Industry Innovation awards with winners to be announced at the Pacific 2015 International Maritime Exposition in Sydney on 6 October. These national awards recognise Australian organisations at the forefront of naval and commercial maritime innovation.

“Innovation isn’t just about having good ideas – it’s about putting good ideas to use,” says Mr Ian Honnery, CEO Maritime Australia Limited. “Australians have a special relationship with the sea, and we’ve shortlisted 10 companies from four States who have set out to be game-changers in the global markets they’re tackling.”

“We are extremely honoured to be selected as a finalist in the Pacific 2015 Maritime Australia Limited Industry Innovation Awards alongside a number of other ground-breaking Australian companies.” said Paul Bennett, Relegen’s Managing Director. “We work very hard to ensure our enterprise asset technology is world-class. We’re proud that the innovation and dedication of our team has been recognised in this prestigious award selection process.”

The awards will be presented by Chairman of Maritime Australia Limited, VADM Chris Ritchie, AO, at 4.10pm on Tuesday 8 October at the Maritime Innovation Awards Showcase in Hall 3. The 2015 Pacific International Maritime Exposition will be held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Glebe Island from 6 – 8 October, 2015.