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April 9, 2018
How is it that a St George Bank computer monitor, destined for recycling within Australia, turns up on a toxic e-waste dump in West Africa being pulled apart by young children? According to this ABC news article, it appears no one really knows the answer....
July 6, 2017
Asset intelligence technology is poised to gain traction in the global healthcare and emergency services industry sectors in an effort to combat the staggering amount of assets which disappear due to loss or theft. Read More
April 4, 2017
Recent news reports of a recall on 80,000 EpiPens and warning of a contaminated heater-cooler device used during cardiac bypass surgery highlight how important unique device identification (UDI) systems are for the medical industry. Read More
December 9, 2016
In our last blog post, we discussed how asset intelligence technology and item-level unique identification can improve visibility and traceability in an effort to combat counterfeiting in global supply chains. This week, in a related topic, we want to explore a lesser-known side of counterfeiting...
November 22, 2016
Today’s global marketplace offers us access to more products, through more channels, than ever before. This convenience, however, comes at a cost. It’s resulted in complex, fragmented supply chains, with less end-to-end visibility, making the origins of parts very difficult to trace – opening the...