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Transforming Asset Inspection Programs With Enterprise Asset Intelligence

September 7, 2016
Organisations with mission-critical assets know that in order to make smart decisions about their operations they need a complete and accurate picture of the condition, state and history of all their assets, across the enterprise. Routine asset inspection programs and maintenance activities offer the ideal...

Tagging Spare Parts In Complex Asset Operations [Part II]

July 21, 2016
In our last post we described the importance of a secure serialisation platform, like Relegen’s asset intelligence product, assetDNA, when managing spare parts and their lifecycles in complex asset operations. But there’s another half of the equation – the tag that carries the global unique...

Improving Spare Parts Management In Complex Asset Operations [Part I]

July 5, 2016
When any complex asset is manufactured and enters operation, every part matters [think everything from small, low cost fasteners, bolts, adhesives, and aircraft components]. Assembly floor managers, service providers and suppliers already know that effective spare part management is essential for maintaining service levels, minimising...

Relegen Newsletter – May 2016 Edition

May 19, 2016
The latest newsletter from Relegen, developer of assetDNA and riskDNA, is now online. In this issue: Unified platform for risk-based asset intelligence New 'Workflow' mobile app for field risk assessments, audits, inspections and more Asset tracking & NFC – The Pros & Cons UNSW Physical...